NEW SKIDS: June 28th 2011

CKUT runs a Kids Camps in the summer where every week
there is a group of young people that come to the station
and learn how to make, host and produce radio.
So for the next few weeks hour 1 of new shit will
be hosted by a different krew of younguns dustin'
their skills behind the board and playing jams from
bands that are passin' through town.

HOUR TWO this week was pretty much dedicated to some
new shit that was hand delivered by friends in the city
the most excellent 12 inch lathe cut split between

GRKZGL put 2 tapes in my hand I only got to play one side, but there'll be more soon
all interlaced with excerpts from
The Caretaker - an empty bliss beyond this world (history always favours the winners)


NEW STRANGE June 20th 2011


Our good roots-of-blues-infused-noise-maker-shakers
dishing out a strained neck from head banging
which consists of:
Zachary Fairbrother guitar and vocals,
Emily Robb bass,
Sophie White drums

Were in studio to play a set
in the second hour of the show which can be heard
by accessing CKUT's ARCHIVES

They were in town for Weird Canada/Suoni Per il Popolo

Wyrd MTL

Check out Lantern's Music and releases

and this Article that professes Lantern as the best band

NEW SHIT PLAY LIST ---- on it's way!

Angelo Michajlov - Saxana: - The Wisdom Teeth (B music/Finders keepers)
Balam Acab - See Birds - Big Boy (Tri Angle)
Christophe Tarkos - Expressif: Le Petit Bidon - Les Nuages (Éditions Cactus)
GroupDoueh - Zayna Jumma - Ana Lakweri (Sublime Frequencies)
Tonstartssbandht - Hymn - Hymn Eola (does are)
Black Eagle Child - Lobelia - The Bee's Vest (Presrvation)
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit - Twist of Fate - Twist of Fate (Monotype)
Dream Catcher - Mozart Penis Bong load Session (live at ckut)

LIVE TRAX from Lantern

Lantern - Stranger Come Stranger Leave - Stranger Come Stranger LEave (Sweat Lodge Guru/Night-People)
Lantern - Stranger Come Stranger Leave - Witch Wave(Sweat Lodge Guru/Night-People)

Short Interview with Emily, Zachary & Sophie

Lantern - I Don't Know
Ultrathin - Glass City
Dreamcatcher - Dr. Clawk


Neue Spiele June 13 2011

New Shit ====Montreal>>> Weimar
CKUT>>>>>>Bauhaus FM
New shit was simulcast on Bauhaus FM
a small station in Weimar Germany where our good friend
and former CKUT intern extra-ordinaire Fabien (a.k.a. Fabs)
is making radio that matters.

Artist-album - track name-label

Deformen Horns - Deformed Nature- Side A (self released cassette)
Andy Boay - Born to Fully - On Myn Own (Bruised tongue
Nick Kuepfer - Rural Route No. 7 - a River (Standard Form)
Holzkopf - Sober MAterials #5 - I Can't LEave home PArt 1 (Self Released)
Bernardino Femminielli - split w/araignee - chauffeur (fixture)
The Pink Noise -Gilded flowers - The Tower (Pleasance Records)
White Hills - H-P1 - Bo Other Way (thrill Jockey)
Tonstartssbandht - Now i am Become - Eifdn Aod Sulie(Arbutus)
Lithurgy - Aeshetica - High Gold (Thrill Jockey)
Myelin sheaths - Get on Your Nerves - Get on Your Nerves (South Paw)
Brazilian Money - This is not a Dream - Party Till I'm Dead - (totally disconnected/weird canada)
Metal Mountains - Golden Trees - Structures in the Sun (Amish)
Esmerine - LA Leucheza - Last Waltz (Constellation)
Dustin O'Halloran - Vorleben - Opus 38 (Fat Cat)
Arp - The Soft Wave - Pastoral Symphony : I: Dominoes (Small Town Supersound)
Staccato Du Mal - Sin Destino - Salvation Through Suffering (Weird)
Essaei PAs - Essaie PAs EP - Il Fault (Ample)
Group Doueh - Zayna Jumma - Zayna Jumma (Sublime Frequencies)



Field Recording of Spring Peepers, Katonah New York
sun going down, mosquitoes in full force, a pissed off
chipmunk screeching its discontent, birds setting in for
the evening and peepers peeper everywhere.

Live in studio Improvisation
Edgetone Recording Artist Lucio Menegon was in town playing an afternoon
gig on Sunday June 5th at Virgil Sharkya's aptly named space Vergil Reality
Thew players came down to ckut's studios, bringing a trumpet, consumer synths, hand made synth, pedals, guitar, ding dongs, knicknacks

Loup Garou - live set june 10th 4u -
Percussing, Piano and 'lectronics duo form Lowell Mass
Walter Wright runs Gallery 119
Setheyny Penn is an award winning dragon boat racer whose percussive style makes me weep,
More live improv in studio

Bernard Hermann - Vertigo O.s.t. - Vertigo Theme (Mercury)
Stockhausen - Stimmung - Stimmung(excerpt) - Hyperion Records


New Socks

Gorillaz - The Fall - Blow to Arizona - Parlophone
Beastie Boys - Hot sauce committe part two - ok - Capitol
Tonstartsbandht - Now I Am Become - Rodas 1916 - Arbutus
Mantana Roberts-Coin Coin Chapter One-Les Gens de Couleur Libres-Constellation
The Details-Lost Art-The Original Mark-Killbeat Music
The Grimes-D'eon-Vanessa-Hipposintanks
Jackie o motherfucker-Earth Sound System-I'm the willows-IMP records
Efron Manuel Menuck-High Gospel-Our Lady-Constellation
Maroon 5-David Lynch Foundation-The Air I Breath-PledgeMusic
If-Take a Look at the Sea-Good Heart Bleed-Folkwit
Karen got an interview with the band Man Man
If-Take a Look at the Sea-Stay-Folkwit
All Tiny Creatures-Harbors-Holography-Hometapes
Katie Moore-Montebello-Something on your Mind-Purple Cat Records
Ron Sebmith-Long Player Late Bloomer-Get In Line
The Black Swans-Don't Blame The Stars-Mean Medicine-Misra
The Dagons-Upon The Dull Earth-I am not nice-Independant
Sanso Xtro-Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain-Wings at Rush-Digitalis
Lantern-Deliver me from nowhere-In the Night Alone-Electik Voice