NEW SHIT Monday August 30

Special Edition - Live in studio Performances by
as well as a collaboration between the two under the moniker of
Top Sister

Le Revelateur - Motion Flares - Statues
The You Me Colour Band - s/t - Blank Earth Empty Water
Les Beyond - c20(cassette) - Experienced
Missincinati - Remove Not the Aincient Landmarks - Ballad of Captain Kidd
This Quiet Army - Blackhaunter - Vampyr
UnFact - s/t - our friend the Atom
UnFact - Live set:

Ox Ghost
Hard World for Little Things
Tell ME What you need to Say

Noveller Live set:
Toothnest(for Chris Habib)
and others..............
Interview w/ Sarah Lipstate & David wm. Sims
Top sister - Live Set - Lady Cock
Grouper - Transmissions from Sinai - Everyone in Turn


NEW SHIT - Monday August 23rd - Public Enemy Special

(listen here)

The Sundry Light - Neferiu Records: Tendown - June Bug (Neferiu)
Cop Car Bonfire - By-Law Barbecue - untitled (Self-Released)
Majical Cloudz - s/t cassette - unsure (Numbers Station)
Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun 7" - Night Drive (Italian Beach Babes)
Low Red Center - s/t 10" - Tropicalize (S.S.)
Fat Freddy's Drop - s/t - Wild Wind (chopped & screwed) (The Drop)
Donald Thomas - Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands - Black Night Is Calling Me Home (Numero Group)
Cyclist - Double Dip - Pocket Money (Dublum)
TETRIX - Neferiu Records: Tendown - The World (Neferiu)
Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Western Wind (Circuit Song)
Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Isiah 54 (Circuit Song)
---20th anniversary of "Fear of a Black Planet"---
Keldamuzik - Diva - Shows n Shoots (Golddigga)
U.S. Girls - Bits + Pieces - A Day at the Race (Self-Released)
POLPOT - PIXXX - Discarded Cut-Off Jeans and a Pile of Drug Paraphernalia (Unit Structure)
Zinja Hlungwandi - Shangaan Electro - Nwa Gezani (Honest John's)
Proem - Enough Conflict - Kalimba Jam (n5MD)


NEW SHIT Monday August 09, 2010

VERY Special Guest in studio: Montreal Producer/DJ Poirier promoting some shows in the city

Thursday August 12 w/Boogat,
Scott C & Gilles Peterson @ La Tulipe
Saturday w/ Lunice, Kalmunity Word & Sound System, Poirier, Everton Green, Simhalak,CeaseRock, Ken Lo, and The Night Tracking Crew at St.Micheal's Church (in the basement) 105 St.Viateur a benefit for NDGBCO (NDG Community Center)

Ghislain also talked about his new collaborations,putting out Face T's Album his Karnival nights and where's his busy schedule will be taking him next.

Burdah ensemble - Pearls and coral - Sawamit Hijaz Al-Kurd
The Thermometres - the world ends: afro rock & psychedelia in 1970s nigeria - Babaloo (sound way)
The funkees - the world ends: afro rock & psychedelia in 1970s nigeria - Breakthrough (Sound way)
E.S.G. - bustin’ out 1982: new wave to new beat volume 2 - Moody (year Zero)
Seji Rerub - Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Remixes - Chekere Son (Brownswood)
Budos Band - III - Black Venom (Daptone)
Remy LBO - Peeling in the Drum/Comical cheating - succession (Porter Records)

POIRIER SET (i'll get back to you on this once the archives get working ...)
I know he played
Hovatron - Hovatron EP - Intro (self Released)
something by
MArk Pritchard
and some of Poirier's own work... i'll get back on this

El-P - We are all going to Burn In Hell - How To Serve Man (Stripped)(Gold Dust Media)
ok Cobra - Joshua's Dream Mixes - Fall Dumbass
Polvo - Today's active Lifestyles - Time Isn't on My side (Merge)
j graf - os - (wachsender prozess)


New Shit August 2, 2010

Blundering through another episode, foot firmly placed in the mouth from start to finish.

Indelible - Our Present Future - Down That Road (Acapella) (Paranoyd)
M.I.A. - /\/\ /\ Y /\ - XXX0 (XL)
Zinja Hlungwani - Shangaan Electro - Nwa Gezani My Love (Honest Jon's)
The Semi Colon - The World Ends: Afro Rock, Psychedelia Nigeria 1970's - Isi Aboncha (Sound Way)
Gary Numan - Bustin' Out 1982 - Music For Chameleons (LP Version) (101)
Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe - Equinoxe 1 + back yard

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet - Welcome to the Terror Dome (Def Jam)
Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet - Fight the Power (Def Jam)
Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet - Power to the People (Def Jam)
Byron Lee and the Dragonaries - Essential - Jamaica Ska (North Parade)
Fennesz Daniel Dock - Knoxville (Thrill Jockey)
O1ek - Suicide Prevention - Play your Organ (Oral)
J. Graf - os - Spark Me (Self-Released)
Chris Dadge - Calgary's Cool Tracks - Even Lighter
Powerhouse Sound - Oslo Chicago Breaks - (Altavistic)

Our favourite guest joined us again to vibrate it's massive echo chamber that takes up almost half of it's body size - seriously cicadas are serious musicians who practice from dawn to dusk) along to some Jean Michele Jarre