NEW SHIT Monday August 30

Special Edition - Live in studio Performances by
as well as a collaboration between the two under the moniker of
Top Sister

Le Revelateur - Motion Flares - Statues
The You Me Colour Band - s/t - Blank Earth Empty Water
Les Beyond - c20(cassette) - Experienced
Missincinati - Remove Not the Aincient Landmarks - Ballad of Captain Kidd
This Quiet Army - Blackhaunter - Vampyr
UnFact - s/t - our friend the Atom
UnFact - Live set:

Ox Ghost
Hard World for Little Things
Tell ME What you need to Say

Noveller Live set:
Toothnest(for Chris Habib)
and others..............
Interview w/ Sarah Lipstate & David wm. Sims
Top sister - Live Set - Lady Cock
Grouper - Transmissions from Sinai - Everyone in Turn

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