Neue Shit February 21, 2011

Lisa produced and teched the first half of this week's edition of New Shit
Lisa has been toiling in the music department for over a month through an internship
program. Lisa is From Germany and she (with a reminder from Joe) introduced us to
cultural productions from her homeland such as:

The Unireverse - the unireverse - Invisible sun (Total Zero)
Delicate Steve - Wonder Vision - (Luaka Bop)
Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass Adn Time - Worldwide
Tim Hecker - Rave Death 1972 - Analog Paralysis (Kranky)
Velella Velella - Atlantis Massif - The Goose With Problems (self Released)
Blaqstarr - Divine - All The World (Interscope)
Techromancer - Space Duel - Say What (Self Released)

Frederick Squire - March 12 - Pretty Bird (Blue Fog)
Snowblink - Long Live - Stand where a fruit tree drops the things it doesn't need(Out of this spark)
Panoptic Yes - Whitehaus Family Record Comp - Prince Rama of Ayodhya (Whitehaus Family)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - (Electric Voice)
Graham Repulski - Electric Worrier - Kick Face (Shorter Recs.)
Wire - Red Barked Tree - Clay (Pink Flag)
Juv - Juv - Revolusjoner ()
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges- From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voice (Constellation)
James Blackshaw - All is Falling - Part 6 (Young God)
Drums of Chaos with Jens Uwe Beyer - Self Titled - Evens (Magazine)
Trawler Bycatch - Schlep'm - Thissletia (Porter Records)
Dark Sea Dream - Dark Sea Dream - Shock Doctrine (Prophase)
Korperschwache - Evil Walks - There is a Certain Smell Attractive to Wolves(Crucial Blast)



Tune in to 90.3fm today 3-5pm

Music for bleeding hearts,
and best of missed connections

Ok, I was too unorganized to followthrough on the missed
connections, so i'll start digging now for next year's edition
of Sad Shit (and - wow, there a lot of really funny shit in missed
connections, most of which were completely inappropriate for
the 3-5pm - i'll save em for an overnight slot.)

Dean Martin -The Door Is Still Open to My Heart - You're nobody Till Somebody Loves You (Reprise)
Interview with Yann Tierson
Elizabeth Cotten - Freight Train and Other North Carolina Folk Songs - Going down the Road Feeling Bad (Smithsonian Folkways)
Abner Jay -The True Story of Abner Jay - I'm so Depressed (Mississippi)
Nick Drake - Family Tree - Here Comes The Blues (Sunbeam)
Edith Frost - Calling Over Time - Temporary Loan (Drag City)
Chet Baker - The Best Of Chet Baker - You Don't Know What Love Is
Jah Division - EP - Dub will Tear Us Apart EP - Dub will Tear Us Apart (Social Registry)
The Crystals - the Best Of the Crystals - He Hit Me
The Ronettes - The Best of the Ronettes - Is This what I Get For Falling In Love?
The Ronettes - The Best of the Ronettes - I wish I Never Saw the Sunshine
Connie Francis - The Very Best Of Connie Francis - Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
The Skyliners -The Skyliners - Since I Don't Have You (?)
Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits -Since You Been Gone (Atlantic)
Bertha 'Chippie' Hill and Louis Armstrong- Trouble on My Mind
Michael Hurley - Sweetkorn - Got over it (Trikont)
Dirty 3 - Horse Stories - Hope (Touch and Go)
Bonnie Prince Billie - I See A Darkness - Another Day Full Of Dread(Palace)
Caetano Veloso - Cucurucucu(Paloma)
Pierre Barouh - A Man and A Woman O.S.T. - In Our Shadow
Barbara - Barbara - Dis Quand Reviendra Tu? (Atlantic)
Mogwai - Come On Die Young - Cody(Matador)
Johnny Cash - American IV: Man Comes Around - Hurt (American Recordings)
Rachel's - The Sea and The Bells - Lloyd's Register (1/4 Stick)
Catpower - Myra Lee - Not What You Want (Smells Like)
Susan Cadogan - Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good (Trojan)


groove is in the heart - february 7th 2011

super groovy show today. trying to keep your spirits up until the days get a little longer
so here's one for trudging through the slush

lcd soundsystem - yr city's a sucker
women - bullfight
mogwai - white noise
d'eon - what we want to be
frente cumbrero - sufrito
purity ring - ungirthed
delicate steve - sugar splash
deerhoof - super duper rescue heads
willie wright - i'm so happy now
panthers - katak dance
make love - the alchemist of seeds
charles bradley - the world is going up in flames
wanda jackson - shakin' all over
the nancees - believe it so
disappears - halo
dirty beaches - sweet 17


kerry and joe


New Ship January 31, 2010

Willie Wright - Telling the Truth - Jackie's Song (Numero Group)
Syl Johnson - Complete Mythology - Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Numero Group)
William Parker - Uncle Joe's Spirit House - Let's Go Down to The River (Centering/Aum Fidelity)
William Parker - Uncle Joe's Spirit House - Buddha's Joy (Centering/AumFidelity)
Delicate Steve - Wondervisions - The Ballad of Speck + Pebble (Luakabop)
Trawler Bycatch - Schlep'm - Initial Melody (a Nelson Spititual Tribute) (Porter)
Deerhoof - Deerhoof -vs- Evil - The Merry Barracks (Polyvinyl)
High Priest - High Priest - The Hell That Hangs Above Our Heads (Self Released)

My Buddy Zachary Fairbrother put out a cassette tape at the very tail end of 2010 Dec 30th on Electric Voice. Lantern is a new project with co-conspirators Emilie and Sophie, it's brilliant as
i would have expected, Most Definitely caters to the sensibilities of sun record sessions, mystery train comes to mind, both the film and the song, killer tracks, warm tape hiss, listen to the show for a little dose of good volume for what ails you

Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - Feeling Like i Might Wind up Dead (Electric Voice)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - Come On rip Let's Take a Trip (Electric Voice)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - Screamin' Dream (Electric Voice)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - I'm Happy (Hasil Adkins Cover) (Electric Voice)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - In The Night Alone (Electric Voice)

Jandek - Chicago Wednesday - Red Skirt (Corwood Industries)
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges - All The Colors Bleached to White (Constellation)
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges - Red HorsesII Judges (Constellation)
Les Momies De Palerme - Brulez Ce Coeur - Solis (Musiques Fragiles)
Skull Defektor - Peer Amid - The Silver River (Thrill Jockey)
Amy Horvey - catchment