Neue Shit February 21, 2011

Lisa produced and teched the first half of this week's edition of New Shit
Lisa has been toiling in the music department for over a month through an internship
program. Lisa is From Germany and she (with a reminder from Joe) introduced us to
cultural productions from her homeland such as:

The Unireverse - the unireverse - Invisible sun (Total Zero)
Delicate Steve - Wonder Vision - (Luaka Bop)
Ancient Astronauts - Into Bass Adn Time - Worldwide
Tim Hecker - Rave Death 1972 - Analog Paralysis (Kranky)
Velella Velella - Atlantis Massif - The Goose With Problems (self Released)
Blaqstarr - Divine - All The World (Interscope)
Techromancer - Space Duel - Say What (Self Released)

Frederick Squire - March 12 - Pretty Bird (Blue Fog)
Snowblink - Long Live - Stand where a fruit tree drops the things it doesn't need(Out of this spark)
Panoptic Yes - Whitehaus Family Record Comp - Prince Rama of Ayodhya (Whitehaus Family)
Lantern - Deliver Me From Nowhere - (Electric Voice)
Graham Repulski - Electric Worrier - Kick Face (Shorter Recs.)
Wire - Red Barked Tree - Clay (Pink Flag)
Juv - Juv - Revolusjoner ()
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges- From No Part of Me Could I Summon a Voice (Constellation)
James Blackshaw - All is Falling - Part 6 (Young God)
Drums of Chaos with Jens Uwe Beyer - Self Titled - Evens (Magazine)
Trawler Bycatch - Schlep'm - Thissletia (Porter Records)
Dark Sea Dream - Dark Sea Dream - Shock Doctrine (Prophase)
Korperschwache - Evil Walks - There is a Certain Smell Attractive to Wolves(Crucial Blast)

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