NEW SHIT Team Sports - OCTOBER 25, 2010

Funding Drive brought all hosts (minus one) into the studio

AJ kicked things off with a bit of an audio maceration of phone numbers, intros to the show,
and some sk-1

Pas Chic Chic 12" - Allez Vous Faire Influencer (Semprini)
Joe&AJ improving

Alphie P on Deck:
Jandek - Toronto Sunday - CD2 tr.2 (Corwood)
These are powers - 7" - funeral xylophone
Slow Children - slow Children - She's Like America (RCA)
Black Feelings - black Feelings - Golden Children (Alien8)
Hexlove - Our Love of Music Will Be An Important Part of Your Life - Trust Mouth (Porter)

Tae on deck - for the first time live and direct and operating the board, hosting and choosing the jams
The Winks - Twilight - Bookface (oh!)
Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter - You Like all the Parties (saved by radio)
Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black (thomas d'arcy music)

Jess on Deck
Nels Cline - dirty Baby - Dirty Baby #5 (cuneiform)
Elyn Sof - Blood Streams - Quantum Psychics
Olenka and the Autmn Lovers - And Now We Sing Oh! - Go (Oh)

Joe On Deck
Hot Butter - Popcorn - Skokiaan (castle)
Stereolab - not music - sun demon (4ad)
Dungen - Ski it allt - marken lal stilla (mexican summer)
Vegetable Orchestra - onionnoise - Brazil (monkey)

AJ Closes it out
Khora - Silent Your Body Is Endless - Natura Naturans (self release)



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUNDING DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes yes yes - ckut's annual funding drive is kicking off on
October 21st. Support New Shit by pledging your love and
dollars by donating online or call the happy phone on
Monday October 25th between 3 and 5pm
514-907-9424 - Everyone from the new shit collective will
be in the studio serving up choice sounds and shooting
the shit about why it's so important to support community
based campus radio in Montreal. Check out all the rad swag
you can hook yourself up with by donating.
We got some posters screed too! - get in touch -
music@ckut.ca if you wanna give us some coin for a poster
we love to play music on the radio - help us to keep our
love for serving up weird sounds alive and vibrant -
sucks to your commercial radio, Or in the words of the great
Pauline Oliveros. "Commercial Radio, they should just quit"


New Shit | 18 October 2010

Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia of Insanica - Intro
Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia of Insanica - Flakey Pastry
Planet Creature - Planet Creature - Loaded
Le Look - Je T'aime - Besoin D'Amour
The Winks - Twighlights - Wildlife of the Desert
Hooded Fang - Album - Mutant Bear
Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter - We Can't Be Lovers With These Guns On Each Other
Siskiyou - Siskiyou - Hold It In
Neil Young - Le Noise - Walk With Me
Grimes - Halfaxa - Weregild
The Harpits - Greatest Pits & Least Loved Xmas Favourites - Spooky
Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - And Now We Sing - Go
Elyn Sol - Bloodstreams - Quantum Physics
Richard Pinhas - Metal/Crystal - Bi-Polarity
Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here? - Goes By
Citofono - Signature - Intercom With Hats
Brasil & The Gallowbrothers Band - In The Rain, In the Noise - Another Night In The Cottage 21
Dirty Beaches - Night People CS 22 - Coast to Coast
Nels Cline Singers - Initiate - Floored
Yann Tiersen - Dust Lane - Amy
Ebo Taylor - Love & Death - African Woman
Witch - Introduction - Your Mama
Velvet Chrome - Thundershield - Cavalier Lunaire
The Vaselines - Sex With An X - Sex With An X
Yann Tiersen - Dust Lane - F**K Me


NEW SKIT MONDAY October 11 2010

Thanksgiving football game at the stadium across the street
provides a background for the talking part, crows cawing at
the weather report, unexpected things, as per the usual....

Hauschka - Foreign Landscapes - Sunny Mission (fat cat)
Owen Pallett - A Sweedish Love Story EP - Don't Stop (Domino)
Olenka and the Autmn Lovers - And How We Sing - Motel Blues (Oh!)
Hooded Fang - Album - Laughing (Self Released)
Elyn Sof - Blood of Streams - Quantum Psychics (Blue Fog)
Jandek - Toronto Sunday - Prelude (Corwood)
Phantom Payne Days- Phantom Payne Daze - Primitive chamber Music (De Stijl)
Ted Lucas - Ted Lucas - Plain & Simple Melody (Yoga)
Barn Owl -Ancestral Star - Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey)
The Dead C - Patience - South (Ba Da Bing)
Joshua Abrams - Natural Information - Abide in Sunset (Eremite)
Chicago Based Bassist and Composer Joshua Abram's
most recent release, his first with the mighty Eremite
label is the kind of record that caters to a different sense
upon each listen.. Intricate patterns, rhythmic circles,
lush sounds coaxed from the Guimbri, a three stringed
animal hide bass traditionally used in healing ceremonies
by the Gnawa people of Nothern Africa. Psych freak out drone
jazz, maybe - or something that you just don't want to pin down.
The 180g vinyl features 6 cuts, solo, trio and quartet formations
Abram's collaborators on this one are:
Abrams guimbri, mpc, percussion, harmonium, bass, bells, dulcimer, donso ngoni, ms20
Jason Adasiewicz vibraphone
Emmett Kelly guitar
Frank Rosaly & Noritaka Tanakadrums

He'll be coming to Montreal, Playing at the Casa Del Popolo on
the 13th of October 2010
not to be missed.

Expo70 - Sonic Messenger - Nzambi Awaken(Beta Lactam)
Jon Mueller - The Whole - Hands( (Type)
Mostly Other People do the Killing - This is our Moosic - Hands (Hot cup)
Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs - Clair Audience Fellowship - Number 5 (Thrill Jockey)
id m theft able - Dancing in the Dark Remix
Seriously, The Boss has never sounded so on top, infective.


NEW SHITTS: Monday October 4, 2010

Bleed in from Previous Show/ live feed loop/ grunting etc...
I have a heart on x 2 for de stijl recs this new one is now
engraved in my mind it keeps getting better with each spin
round the music reproduction machine.
39 Clocks - Jurgen Gleue's electrified duo with Christian
Henjes active in the late 70s , mainly in Hannover was
one of my favourite discoveries of 2009. However Gleue's
Solo Record surpasses the jams contained on the 39 clock's
Zoned... release ,Phantom Payne Days is brooding with a
classic VU style of tragic optimism fringing on outright
defeatism. Guitar, perfectly crappy keys, aloof vocal delivery.
C'est une musique qui partage le cru du vécu et du vide.
Ice Cube - I am the west - a boy was conceived (lench mob)
Ice Cube - I am the west - soul on ice (lench mob)
The Roots - How I got Over - tunnel vision (def jam)
Gilbert Deflez - Je Suis Vivant mais j'ai peur - l'agonie (b-music/finders keepers)
For Tet - angel echoes and remixes - Angels Echoes rmx (
Koen Holt Kamp - Gravity/Bees - Losely based on bees (excerpt) (thrill jockey)
Benoit Pioulard - Lasted - Sault (kranky)
Benoit Pioulard - Lasted - Purse Discusses (kranky)
Oval - o - panorama (thrill jockey)
Ted Lucas - Ted Lucas - Johnny Boy Blues (yoga records)
Dirty Beaches - Bird EP - West Coast Bird (fixture)
Neil Young - Le Noise - love and war (Reprise)
Phantom Payne Days - Phantom Payne Daze - Afternoon Non-Happenings No.2 (De Stijl)
Phosphorescent - More Townes Van Zant By the Great Unknown - Why She's Acting This Way (for the sake of song)
Swans the great annihilator - I am the sun (YGR)
Holy Sons - Survival Tales - Sympathetic Strings (partisan)
Off the International Radar vs - Holy Fuck - Holy Radar (hand drawn dracula-
Not the wind Not the Flag - Burn and Return Cassette (Medusa)
Christian Fennesz/David Daniel/ Tony Buck - Knoxville - Antonia (Thrill Jockey)
Alexandre St-Onge - Entite - Le Rayon Vague (Oral)
Acid Attack - Calgary's Cool Tracks Feedback #6-2 - burning in the atmosphere