!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUNDING DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes yes yes - ckut's annual funding drive is kicking off on
October 21st. Support New Shit by pledging your love and
dollars by donating online or call the happy phone on
Monday October 25th between 3 and 5pm
514-907-9424 - Everyone from the new shit collective will
be in the studio serving up choice sounds and shooting
the shit about why it's so important to support community
based campus radio in Montreal. Check out all the rad swag
you can hook yourself up with by donating.
We got some posters screed too! - get in touch -
music@ckut.ca if you wanna give us some coin for a poster
we love to play music on the radio - help us to keep our
love for serving up weird sounds alive and vibrant -
sucks to your commercial radio, Or in the words of the great
Pauline Oliveros. "Commercial Radio, they should just quit"

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