NEW SHIT Team Sports - OCTOBER 25, 2010

Funding Drive brought all hosts (minus one) into the studio

AJ kicked things off with a bit of an audio maceration of phone numbers, intros to the show,
and some sk-1

Pas Chic Chic 12" - Allez Vous Faire Influencer (Semprini)
Joe&AJ improving

Alphie P on Deck:
Jandek - Toronto Sunday - CD2 tr.2 (Corwood)
These are powers - 7" - funeral xylophone
Slow Children - slow Children - She's Like America (RCA)
Black Feelings - black Feelings - Golden Children (Alien8)
Hexlove - Our Love of Music Will Be An Important Part of Your Life - Trust Mouth (Porter)

Tae on deck - for the first time live and direct and operating the board, hosting and choosing the jams
The Winks - Twilight - Bookface (oh!)
Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter - You Like all the Parties (saved by radio)
Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black (thomas d'arcy music)

Jess on Deck
Nels Cline - dirty Baby - Dirty Baby #5 (cuneiform)
Elyn Sof - Blood Streams - Quantum Psychics
Olenka and the Autmn Lovers - And Now We Sing Oh! - Go (Oh)

Joe On Deck
Hot Butter - Popcorn - Skokiaan (castle)
Stereolab - not music - sun demon (4ad)
Dungen - Ski it allt - marken lal stilla (mexican summer)
Vegetable Orchestra - onionnoise - Brazil (monkey)

AJ Closes it out
Khora - Silent Your Body Is Endless - Natura Naturans (self release)

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