New Shit/Stolen Pony: January 23, 2012

Where oh where has our AJ gone? Off into her future life! OK, so this past edition of New Shit was a little bonkers (Amber was underfed and underprepared) but next time WILL BE DIFFERENT. The end of the show was guest- DJed by Juliette of Total Eclipse of the Charts and she stuck around for a convo to boot. Andy is in on Monday the 30th and Amber hosts a special show on Feb. the 6th. Tune in!

Adam Basanta - A Glass is not a glass
Wooden Shjips / West / Black Smoke Rise
Psychic Ills / Hazed Dreams / Midnight Moon
Jason Urick / I Love You / I Love You
Tim Brady / Brady Works / Scatter
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan / S-T / Queens
Various Artists/ Bollywood Blood Bath / Rajesh Roshan
Bombolesse / Movimento / Approchez
Childish Gambino / Camp / Outside
Evidence / Cats & Dogs / Strangers
Yelawolf / Radioactive/ Radioactiver Introduction
DJ Shadow / The Less You Know the Better / Stay the Course
Chris Watson / El Tren Fantasma / Los Muchis
KK + S / Glyphs of Erebus Sublime / Sirius
Lanterner / S-T / The files of endless correspondences
Radar Eyes / S-T / In Love
Heavy Times / Jacker / Future City
The Prefab Messiahs / Peac, Love & Alienation / Beyond All That
Andy Boay / So So So We See|Trenches In The Sun / Fake Beat Monster
Hunters / Hands on Fire / Noisy Bitch
Pujol / Nasty, Brutish and Short / Mayday
Tasseomancy / Ulalume / Djana


NEW SLIP: AJ's Final Chapter

After about 3 or 4 years of hosting New Shit, this was my
(AJ) final crack at it, and i was pretty sad to let it go....
New Shit is run by CKUT's Music Department, it
focusing on new releases in CKUT's Library while serving as
a training ground for new station volunteers to learn how to
operate the station's main on-air broadcast console.

I was going to start off with Europe's the Final Countdown,
but then i remembered the Acapella version of Roy Orbison's
Crying sung in Spanish by Rabekah Del Rio during the
theatre scene in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive which is
more in tune with the new shit vibe. I slowed it down and
worked CKUT's internet stream as a looper.

Here's the track listing for the show:
Rebekah Del Rio - Mulholland Drive O.S.T. - Llorando

Live sounds and howling in studio

Chris Watson - El Tren Fantasma - Los Mochis (Type)
Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre du Québec - 1973 - Sans Titre (Tenzier)
Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society - father of Origin - Untitled (Eremite)
Chord - Important Records Sampler 2011 - C9SUS4 (Important)
Bass Communion and Pig - Important Records Sampler 2011 - Sucedio Antes (Important)
Aun - Phantom Ghost - Phantom (Denovali)
Hildur Gudnadottir - Without Sinking - Heyr Himnasmidur Iridescence (Touch)
Rebecca Foon - Live at CKUT june 2010 - Sunset Rockers
Picastro & Nadja - Fool, Redeemer - Darnia (Alien8 recordings)
id_m_theft_able, Flandrew Fleisenberg, emilie mouchous, andrea-jane cornell, simon brown
- le 6ieme doigt de Dwayne - side A (Mangdisc )
Yamantaka Sonic Titan - YT//ST - Hoshi Neko (Psychic Handshake)
JAson Urick - I love You -The Crying Song (Thrill Jockey)

Goodbye goodbye goodbye song

background music:
Eliane Radigue 's - transamorem transmortem (important records)

“Before the greatest achievement
Before the greatest detachment.
At the limit of the frontier space of the unconscious - tuned waves - "consonant things vibrate together".
Where does the change happen? In the inner field of perception or the exterior reality of moving things in the course of becoming.
"And time is no longer an obstacle, but the means by which the possible is achieved".
Eliane Radigue - June 20, 1973

or after the fact: ARCHIVES


Digging deep into the Free Music Archives, an amazing
project initiative by the fabulous fols down at WFMU
in Jersey City. The FMA is bringing creative music to
the world from obscure folk and are amassing an arsenal
of sound that you would not likely be able to get to the
bottom of. I scratched the surface of 2011 and came up
with this playlist that i feature excerpts from during the
first hour of so this edition of new shit:

And then i moved on to some brand new shit on Important Records
and something from Crustacé Tapes
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Important recs. 2011 sampler - Iron Age Nativity/ Black Moss Invocation
Miguel A. Garcia / Thomas Gris - Crustaces Tapes - side A

Ellen Fullman - Through Glass Panes - Flowers (Important)


New Shit for a New Year

I played my favorites from this past year and what I am looking forward to this upcoming year. Hope you enjoyed tuning in. Below you can find the breakdown of what I played, my comments, and who is coming to Montreal soon!

Fleet Foxes- Helpless blues (Sub Pop)

Long one, but a goodie!

Deer Tick- The Bump (Partisan)

They call me Rico- Am I wrong? ( voxtone)

Dance hard!!

Feist- How come you never go there? (Arts & Crafts)

Sharon Van Etten- Serpents (Jagjaguwar)

Current Jam.

Cobra + Vulture- Apology (Self-release)

Download the whole album!! You won't regret it!

Gillian Welsh- The Way it goes (Acony)

Timber Timbre- Black water (Arts & Crafts)

Saw them play in a church- epic!

James Blake- A Case of you (A &M)

Favorite part:

I drew a map of Canada
Oh Canada
With your face sketched on it twice

Molly Sweeny- Gold rings and fur pelts (Syren Songs)

Playing in Montreal on 13 Jan and 14 Feb

Real Estate- Green Aisles (Woodsist)

Coming to Montreal 18 Jan

Kurt Vile- In my time (Matador)

K-man and the 45s- Shoes keep Skankin’ (Clark St.)

Just love the song title!

Fitz and the Tantrums- Don’t gotta work it out (Dangerbird)

I have a signed T-shirt. Jealous?!?

Myths- The Horizon (Self-Release)

Charolette Gainsburg- Paradisco (Freebase)

Mozart’s Sister- Don’t leave it (self-release)

Mozart’s Sister- Single Status

Mozart’s Sister- Contentedness

When I saw Mozart’s Sister 3 days after a bad break-up she got be back on track! Dance Away!

Grimes- Vanessa (Arbutus)

Montreal's very own!

Girls- Honey Bunny (Sub Pop)

So campy!

Go for the eyes- beck n’call (self-release)

EMA- Milkman (Souterrain Transmissions)

Sleigh bells- Born to loose (Mom+Pop)

I don’t usually mosh...

Cut Copy- Need you to know (Modular)

The Kills- You don’t own the road (Domino)

Coming to Montreal 05 Fed. See you there!

Lykke Li- Get Some (LL)

Active Child- Playing House (Vagrant)

Too true.

FYI: He plays the harp. It's hot.

Bon Iver- Blood Bank (Jagjaguwar)

I could listen to this on repeat for a very long time.

Battles- Ice Cream (Warp)