Digging deep into the Free Music Archives, an amazing
project initiative by the fabulous fols down at WFMU
in Jersey City. The FMA is bringing creative music to
the world from obscure folk and are amassing an arsenal
of sound that you would not likely be able to get to the
bottom of. I scratched the surface of 2011 and came up
with this playlist that i feature excerpts from during the
first hour of so this edition of new shit:

And then i moved on to some brand new shit on Important Records
and something from Crustacé Tapes
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Important recs. 2011 sampler - Iron Age Nativity/ Black Moss Invocation
Miguel A. Garcia / Thomas Gris - Crustaces Tapes - side A

Ellen Fullman - Through Glass Panes - Flowers (Important)

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