Nueva Mierda 26 Julio 2010

Phonique - Kissing Strangers - Amy's Heart (Dessous)
Sade - Soldier of Love - Babyfather
El-P - WeareallgoingtoburninHell - Contagious Snippett( Gold Dust)
Interview with - the Birthday Cakes
- a brotherly trio from:
Also known as the place to take a picture with an oversized canadian nickel, and evidently some nickel which has an intense impact the environment and on the aesthetic the landscape as evidenced in Edward Burtynsky's strikingly violent landscape photographs of nickel trailings. But alas - Also known as a place where the local music community bands together and supports one another. The Birthday Cakes have just put out a 7" called the Expansion Pack on Cosmic Dave's Vinyl Emporium, a record shop/small label run by none other than cosmic Dave, Also of Sudbury's Cosmic Dave's Guitar Emporium. The Brithday cakes take their lazer coated prog-rock coloring book jams across the country this summer - heading Westward after a brief stint in the East.

The Birthday Cakes - The Expansion PAck - no Tolerance for Goofs (Cosmic Dave's)
ookpikk - Captain Starlight - Divination (aww shit our label went under)
DJ Brace - Electric Nose hair Orchestra: In Nostomania - NH 5 (Balanced)
Birdy Nam Nam - Birdy NAm Nam - New Birth (Self Released)
VHS or Beta - Le Funk - Solid Gold (on)
DJ Brace - Electric Nose hair Orchestra: In Nostomania - NH 6(balanced)
Bonobo - Days to Come - Sleepy Seven - (Ninja Tune )
The Budos Band - III - Rite of the Ancients (Daptone)
The Funkees - The World Ends - Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria (Soundway)
Lowland Studio Band - Local Customs - Trash one (Numero)
Afrikaa Bambataa - Bustin' out 1982 - Planet Rock (Year Zero)
El-P - El-P - WeareallgoingtoburninHell - How To Serve Man ( Gold Dust)
Rangda - False Falg - Sarcophangi (Drag City)
LAnd OF Kush's Egyptian Light ORchestra - Tunnel Visions (Constellation)
Joshua Abrams - Natural Information - Mysterious Fluke of the Beyond (Eremite)


neue Schei├če - 19. Juli 2010

(listen here)

Omni - s/t - Necropolis Pt. 2 (Self-Released)
Rip Chords - View From Above - Just Before (Concrete Discs)
A-Frames - 333 - Shadows (S.S.)
Low Red Center - s/t 10"- Peace Walking (S.S.)
Mahjongg - The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger - Whoop (K)
Zinja Hlungwani - Shangaan Electro - Ntombi Ya Mugaza (Honest Jon's)
Zelienople - Give It Up - Water Saw (Type)
Avi Jacob - Whitehaus Family Record - Til The End Of Time (Whitehaus Family Record)
Remy LBO - Peeling In The Drum Comical Cheating - Beauty Prays (Porter)
Circle Research - Gardiner Express - Out Of This World (Urbnet)
Ginsberg's Inkling - Ummm - Autumn Yellows In Kensington (Neferiu)
Dirty Circus - Alive And Well - Tryptamine Dream (Urbnet)
Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Unearthed (Circuit Song)
The Nope - Underground Hip-Hop Volume 5 - We Do Appreciate It (Urbnet)
87 Things - Meta-4's - Elementarys (Self-Released)
Lazer Crystal - MCMLXXX - La Rouche (Thrill Jockey)
Tonstartssbandht - Midnite Cobras 7" - Electric Dragonsword (Psychic Handshake)
This Quiet Army - Aftermath - The Iron Harvist (Basses Frequencies)
Jeff - Castle Storm - Droom Kit (Infinity Cat)
The Famines - Free Love Is A Sales Technique 7" - Free Love Is A Sales Technique (Reluctant)
Fire Witch - Liars - I Spit Lies (excerpt) (We Empty Rooms)
Daniel Johnston - The Story Of An Artist - Wild West Virginia (Munster)
Circus - Local Customs: Lonestar Lowlands - Give Me Time (Numero Group)
Control - Absolute Belter - Por Las Viejas Calles (Finders Keepers)
Music For The Film - Bit/Crushface 7" - Bit (Self-Released)
Jandek - Camber Sands Sunday - My Party (Corwood Industries)

New Shit, July 12th 2010

(listen here)

Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Unearthed (Circuit Song)
Chris D'Eon - Wa al-'asr - Tear Down The Wall (By The Time)
Land Of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra - Monogamy - Monogamy (Constellation)
Zinja Mlungwani - Shangaan Electro - Ntombi Ya Mugaza (Honest Jon's)
Gee Wunder - For The People - Break U Off (Urbnet)
Son Plenque - Palenque Palenque - Palenque Palenque (Soundway)
Low Red Center - s/t - ... (S.S.)
Billy Rockwell vs. Hitori Tori - District 1 - Blerg (Balanced)
AnaROBIK - Operator's Manual - Using Your AnaROBIK Recording (Incidental)
Lazer Crystal - MCMLXXX - Bad Indian (Thrill Jockey)
Ginsberg's Inkling - Ummm - Erogenous (Neferiu)
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today - Fright Night (4AD)
Los Saicos - Demolicion! - El Entierro De Los Gratos (Munster)
News - Hot Off The Press - Misty Day (Riverman)
Foonyap And The Roar - s/t - Icome (Self-Released)
Devo - Something For Everybody - Fresh (Warner Bros.)
Dead Wife - Gentleman Rapist 7" - DWSYHF (Psychic Handshake/No Vacation)
A-Frames - 333 - AOD (S.S.)
The Chinese Restaurants - River Of Shit 7" - Work Is A Drag (S.S.)
Mi Ami - Steal Your Face - Native Americans (Born In The USA) (Thrill Jockey)
Human Skab - Thunder Hips And Saddle Bags - Guitar For Africans (Family Vineyard)
Pontiak - Living - Second Sun (Thrill Jockey)
Kings Go Forth - The Outsiders Are Back - I Don't Love You No More (Luaka Bop)


New Shit Monday July 06 2010

Tradition - In Small Gestures - Songs for Europe (Blocks)
Rodd Keith - Saucers in the Sky - You only Want to Hurt me (Roaratorio)
Pop winds - The Turquoise - Fools (Arbutus)
Blue HAwaii - Blooming Summer - Belize (Arbutu)
Cop Car Bon Fire - By-Law Barbecue - Track 01 (Self Released)
Defektors - The Bottom of the City - bottom of the City (nominal/grotesque modern)
Nu Sensae - TV, Death and the Devil - Night Talker (Nominal)
The Famines - Syllables/got lies if you want em - Syllables (Mammoth Cave)
Pompoir - Exploding time - Krush (Isolated Now Waves)
Mongst - Decolonization - Cutting cloth (Isolated Now Waves)
Son Of Earth - Improvements - Time Immemorial (Amish)
Pimmon - Curse you, Evil Clown - Stall and Burn (Meupe)
Philippe Petit (with on this track: Tom Heasley, Helena Espvall, Alexander Bruck& Richard Harrison) - A Scent of Gambrosia - The Night Crawler
Pengo - counterfeit memories - Circular Firing Squad (nashazphone)
Majical Cloudz - Majical CloudzTape - side B ( Numbers Station)
Emeralds - What Happened? - Disappearing Ink
Emeralds - What Happened? - Alive in a sea of information (no fun)