New Shit Monday July 06 2010

Tradition - In Small Gestures - Songs for Europe (Blocks)
Rodd Keith - Saucers in the Sky - You only Want to Hurt me (Roaratorio)
Pop winds - The Turquoise - Fools (Arbutus)
Blue HAwaii - Blooming Summer - Belize (Arbutu)
Cop Car Bon Fire - By-Law Barbecue - Track 01 (Self Released)
Defektors - The Bottom of the City - bottom of the City (nominal/grotesque modern)
Nu Sensae - TV, Death and the Devil - Night Talker (Nominal)
The Famines - Syllables/got lies if you want em - Syllables (Mammoth Cave)
Pompoir - Exploding time - Krush (Isolated Now Waves)
Mongst - Decolonization - Cutting cloth (Isolated Now Waves)
Son Of Earth - Improvements - Time Immemorial (Amish)
Pimmon - Curse you, Evil Clown - Stall and Burn (Meupe)
Philippe Petit (with on this track: Tom Heasley, Helena Espvall, Alexander Bruck& Richard Harrison) - A Scent of Gambrosia - The Night Crawler
Pengo - counterfeit memories - Circular Firing Squad (nashazphone)
Majical Cloudz - Majical CloudzTape - side B ( Numbers Station)
Emeralds - What Happened? - Disappearing Ink
Emeralds - What Happened? - Alive in a sea of information (no fun)

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