New shit Monday June 28 2010

The Arcus Cloud :The Latin arcus, meaning 'arch', used to
describe a cloud feature that has a rolled appearance, with
fragmented edges on the leading surface of cumulonimbus
and occasionally cumulus. When well developed the feature
has a prominent arch-like form. One of these beauties swept
across the sky on Montreal on Monday as i was watching
Omar Souleyman perform, it's like he summoned this massive
cloud formation......
and now for the music:

Judee Sill - Heart Food LP - The Donor (Asylum)

Wovenhand - The Threshing Floor - Singing Grass (Sounds Familyre)
Bonnie Prince Billy - The Wonder Show of the World - Go Folks Go (Drag City)
The Pop Winds - The Turquoise - Fools (Arbutus)
EmilieGmackrrMouchous&AJ - Avant Plans et Bruits de Fond- track 08 (Self Released)
Gmackrr - meditatives 6-13 - Meditative 13 (Brise Cul)
Ernst Schultz - cloud cuckoo land - 10 finder blind (finders keepers/b music)
Omar Souleyman - Highway to Hassake - Atabat (Sublime Frequencies)

Tiyiselani Vomaseve - Shangaan Electro - Vanghoma (honest Jon's)
I've been losing my shit over this release out of Nozinja Studio in
Soweto.Tiyiselani Vomaseve are a sistery duo whose wailing
lyrics in Vanghoma really hit a chord over the syncopated
infective electro beats. Here's a video of Nozinja's (a.k.a. Dog)
Dance troupe Tshe-tsha boys: some seriously slick
rapid-fire style moves.
Oneohtrixpoint never - Returnal - Returnal (mego)
Ookpikk - Captain Starlite - Willowberry Tree (oh shit, our label went under)
Bernard Hermann - Vertigo Soundtrack - Vertigo theme
On - Something that Has Form and Something that does not - Something
that Has Form and Something that does not(Type)
Philippe Petit - A scent of Garmambrosia - The Nuptial Flight of fireflies (Aagoo)

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