New Shit Monday May Thirty Onefff

Good bye MAy hello June
The city of Montreal Smells like a Forest Fire
With over 50 fires burning up the landscape around Quebec City,
This in Montreal on Monday morning enveloped in a haze :
R.I.P Dennis Hopper - excerpt from Blue Velvet
Human Skab - Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags - Screamin Demon (Family Vineyard)
Rodd Keith - Saucers in the sky - A soothing Dream but... (Roaratorio)
The Brisk - Absolute Belter - El Jeugo Del Amor (B Music)
Los Ros - Absolute Belter - Cuentame Cosas Tuyas (B Music)
Albert Band -Absolute Belter - Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio (B Music)
Los Mismos - Absolute Belter - Jefe Ironside (B Music)
Los Roller - Absolute Belter - Camino Cortado (B Music
Interview with Pimmon
Live set by Pimmon
Interview With Pimmon Cont'd
Pimmon with Dappler Effect performing on Friday June 4th
at the Monument National within the cadre of the 11th edition of Mutek
Pimmon - dimension p - Queasy Listening (Headlock)
Matmos - The West - Last Delicious Cigarette - (Deluxe)
The User - Silophone - tack 1
Aun/Habsyll - split - Druids (Public Guilt)
Nurse With Wound - Drunk With the Old Man of the Mountain - Astral dustbin Dirge (jnana)


New Shit May 24, 2010

The show starts off with a bleed in from the previous program that is definitely worth listing to!
An audio documentary by Erin CW about Sundus Abdul Hadi's Warchestra exhibit.

24th of June = Start the show off with the sound of Fireworks
Victoria Day(Celebrate the endless reign on the British Monarchy)
La Fete De Dollar(Celebrate a dude that slayed a lot of Iroquois in conquest for territory..)
La Fete Des Patriotes(Celebrate some brave French Canadiens that were hung for Treason)
My dad's Birthday(Play some Bowie tracks and a Nino Rota song on the radio for my dad who consistently sang "rebel, rebel, your face is a mess to me as a grubby child, whose face, and everything else was no doubt in a state of mess)

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - Rebel Rebel
Bavid Bowie - changes - Sufragette City
Nino Rota - the Godfather o.s.t. - The Godfather Waltz

Pocahaunted - make it real - Save Yourself (not not fun)
Indian Jewelry - Totaled - Parlous siege +Chapel
Tonstartssbandht - Midnite Cobras 7" - (Psychic Handshake)
Zachary Fairbrother - Zachary Fairbrother 1.0 - side 1 (Self Released)
Arrington De Dinoyso - Breath of Fire - Track 2
Pop Winds - The Turquoise - Turquoise (Arbutus)
Clues - the Clues - Crows (Constellation)
Talibam! - Boogie in the Breeze Blocks - Predetermined to the Master Plan (ESP)
Mongst - Decolonization - Cutting Cloth (Isolated Now Waves)
Stellar Om Source - Excises - Diagrams
Nebris - Bleak angels 2007 - eos (dystonia)
Menace Ruine - union of irreconcilables - (aurora borealis )
Realicide - Be a vessel for Change
Realicide - If i am hungry


New Shit May 17 2010

The Frist hour of this week's show highlights some of the many musicians who will be landing in the quaint town of Victoriaville this coming weekend May 20th - 23rd 2001
for the 26th annual Festival de Musique Actuelle a Victoriaville
Hosted by Ian B.

Sam Shalabi's LAnd OF Kush - Against the Day -Iceland Spar (Constellation)
Aun - Multigone - - half moon half choice (Crucial Blast)
Les Momies De Palerme - L'amour Sincere - Track 03 (Self Released)
Andy Moore & Anne James Chaton -Andy Moore & Anne James Chaton - Le Journalist (unsounds)
Charlemagne Palestine - a sweet quasimodo between black vampire butterflies for maybeck (Cold Blue Music)
Plastic Crimewave Sound - No Wonder LAnd - Rolling Seas (Prophase)
Cop Car Bonfire - By LAw BBQ - Track 1 (self Released)
Paul Metzger - Anamnestic Tincture - Dark Green Water(Roaratorio)
Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library -Slow Burn't Reason (XL)
Pocahaunted - Make it Real - Make it Real (Not Not Fun)
Caribou - Swim - Odessa (Merge)
Pompour - Exploding Time - Cut -ups
Gil Scott Heron - I'm New Here - New York is Killing Me(XL)
Fred Anderson - Timeless - Ode To Tip (Delmark)
Joanna Newsome - have one on ME - Have one on me (Drag City)


New Shit May 03, 2010

From the December 17th edition of the Chicago Reader, Chicago artist, Galactic Zoo Dossier publisher, and musician Plastic Crimewave paid homage to his friend Jack.
Jack Rose - Luck in the Valley - Blues For Percy Danforth (Thrill Jockey)
Glen Jones, Harris Newman, Ensemble Kesjdan + Marcus Lobb picked hommage to Jack Rose at the
Casa Del Popolo on May 02

The Olympic Symphonium- Chapter 1 - Picture That(self Released)
Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur - The Fallen By Watch Bird - Suite (Finders Keepers)
- 1. EuropiumAllumnite - 2. A Circle and a Star - 3. Nothing Was Stolen
Phosphorescent - Here's to Taking it Easy ( Dead Oceans)
Rocky Erickson & Okkervil River - True Love Cast out All Evil - Goodbye Sweet dreams (Anti)
Ilyas Ahmed
- Goner- Some of None (root Strata)
Omon Ra - Halls of Medicine - Heavy Boots (Fixture)

Mains de Givre - Esther MArie -
Un Coeur D'ames en Detresse (Textura)
Émilie Livernois-Desroches on violin
& Eric Quach=guitar, fx
brooding spacious static outlined drones,
call and response, melodic and metalic.
Mains de Givre - Hands of Frost,
is a nickname that was given to Emilie by her former
bandmates, is a project that grew out of a collaboration
between Quachand Livernois-Desroches while in studio
recording for the formers' thisquietarmy project.

Invisible Funeral - Nocturnalis - Men be hind the sun
Richard Skelton - Landings - Green Withins Brook

Pimmon - Curse You,Evil clown - Stall and burn (Meupe)
Mark Templeton - Sea Point - Telepathy (Anticipate)

A little sampling from our friends at Porter Records
who are always surprising me with quality sounds
and innovative approaches to organizing sound.
Robby Moncrieff & Zac Hill - Who do you think you aren't - Time Change(Porter)
Guido Ponzini - plug in contemportay music... - Awkward bear (Porter)
Miguel Frasconi, Denman Maroney - Gleam - Gleam (Porter)
Matt Bauder - Paper Garden - Track H (Porter)