New Shit Monday May Thirty Onefff

Good bye MAy hello June
The city of Montreal Smells like a Forest Fire
With over 50 fires burning up the landscape around Quebec City,
This in Montreal on Monday morning enveloped in a haze :
R.I.P Dennis Hopper - excerpt from Blue Velvet
Human Skab - Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags - Screamin Demon (Family Vineyard)
Rodd Keith - Saucers in the sky - A soothing Dream but... (Roaratorio)
The Brisk - Absolute Belter - El Jeugo Del Amor (B Music)
Los Ros - Absolute Belter - Cuentame Cosas Tuyas (B Music)
Albert Band -Absolute Belter - Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio (B Music)
Los Mismos - Absolute Belter - Jefe Ironside (B Music)
Los Roller - Absolute Belter - Camino Cortado (B Music
Interview with Pimmon
Live set by Pimmon
Interview With Pimmon Cont'd
Pimmon with Dappler Effect performing on Friday June 4th
at the Monument National within the cadre of the 11th edition of Mutek
Pimmon - dimension p - Queasy Listening (Headlock)
Matmos - The West - Last Delicious Cigarette - (Deluxe)
The User - Silophone - tack 1
Aun/Habsyll - split - Druids (Public Guilt)
Nurse With Wound - Drunk With the Old Man of the Mountain - Astral dustbin Dirge (jnana)

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