New Shit May 24, 2010

The show starts off with a bleed in from the previous program that is definitely worth listing to!
An audio documentary by Erin CW about Sundus Abdul Hadi's Warchestra exhibit.

24th of June = Start the show off with the sound of Fireworks
Victoria Day(Celebrate the endless reign on the British Monarchy)
La Fete De Dollar(Celebrate a dude that slayed a lot of Iroquois in conquest for territory..)
La Fete Des Patriotes(Celebrate some brave French Canadiens that were hung for Treason)
My dad's Birthday(Play some Bowie tracks and a Nino Rota song on the radio for my dad who consistently sang "rebel, rebel, your face is a mess to me as a grubby child, whose face, and everything else was no doubt in a state of mess)

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - Rebel Rebel
Bavid Bowie - changes - Sufragette City
Nino Rota - the Godfather o.s.t. - The Godfather Waltz

Pocahaunted - make it real - Save Yourself (not not fun)
Indian Jewelry - Totaled - Parlous siege +Chapel
Tonstartssbandht - Midnite Cobras 7" - (Psychic Handshake)
Zachary Fairbrother - Zachary Fairbrother 1.0 - side 1 (Self Released)
Arrington De Dinoyso - Breath of Fire - Track 2
Pop Winds - The Turquoise - Turquoise (Arbutus)
Clues - the Clues - Crows (Constellation)
Talibam! - Boogie in the Breeze Blocks - Predetermined to the Master Plan (ESP)
Mongst - Decolonization - Cutting Cloth (Isolated Now Waves)
Stellar Om Source - Excises - Diagrams
Nebris - Bleak angels 2007 - eos (dystonia)
Menace Ruine - union of irreconcilables - (aurora borealis )
Realicide - Be a vessel for Change
Realicide - If i am hungry

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