New Shim November 30

Touch - Alienated - Intro (Game theory
Etienne O'LEary - Soundtracks 1966 - Chromo Sud (Tnz)
Man Made Hill - Puzzle Answers - side A (Bennifer / Healing Power)
White Dog - White Dog - Side A (Prairie Fire)
Brian Ruryk - Brian Ruryk/Gastric Female Reflex - (Bennifer / Alliances for Debris)
/////////////////////////// ////////////////////////
Live In Studio Per-Formance -

Bad Boy Butch Batson - Spare Parts - Side A (Bennifer)


New Shit = Heartbreak balm

Somehow my heart and noggin are full of melancholy and unease. Hence the folk and field recording interventions in the second half hour.Slather it on your ears and heart, under the duvet.

EBO TAYLOR -- Love & Death (Strut) -- African Women
KC ACCIDENTAL -- Captured Anthems for an empty bathtub = anthems for the could've bin pills (arts & crafts)--Anorexic he-man
RICHARD PINHAS-- Metal/Crystal (cuneiform)--Hysteria
NOVELLER/UNFACT-- Live at CKUT--Toothnest
THE HOBOPHOBES-- Self titled (self released)--Coxa Plana
MEKANIK KOMANDO-- Shadow of a rose (monotype)-- Run rintintin run
EMERALDS-- Does it look like I'm here? (editions mego) -- Science Centre
NELS CLINE -- Dirty Baby (cryptogramophone) -- Part V
YANN TIERSEN -- Dust Lane (anti) -- Till the end
OLENKA & THE AUTUMN LOVERS -- And now we sing (oh!) -- Go
RAE SPOON-- Superior you are inferior -- My heart is a piece of garbage
TED LUCAS -- Ted Lucas Acoustic- Sonny Boy Blues
SISKIYOU -- Self-Titled (Constellation) -- Big Sur
ELYN SOL -- Bloodstreams (Blue Fog) -- Quantum Psychics
SEAN NICHOLS SAVAGE -- Mutual feelings (arbutus) -- 3
THE PINK PEARL DRAGON -- SELF TITLED (Self released) -- He doesn't know (acoustic)
TANYA DAVIS -- Clock & Hearts Keep Going () -- Tra-la-la
GLASSER -- RING (True Panther) -- Phone


We Have Got: New Shit!!! November 15th

It had been a neat show this week, everybody learned a lot and had to laugh about it. Interns were there and they really had the time of their lives.

SYL JOHNSON - COMPLETE MYTHOLOGY (Numero Group) -> in particularidum the song Hot Pants Lady or Hot Pants Annie or Hot Pants Annie pt. 2
This Lou Reed directed Susan Boyle video?

Here was the music:

Pas Chic Chic - 12" (Semprini) - Allez Vous Faire Influencer!
Ebo Taylor - Love and Death (Strut) - Love and Death
The Good Ones - Kigali Y' Izahabu (Dead Oceans) - Amagorwa Y' Abagabo
Afrocubism - Afrocubism (Nonesuch/World Circuit) - Djelimady Rumba

Parallel Pyres - II (Self Released) - Wo Yao Ni De Ai/Drive
Matias Aguayo - Kompakt Total 11 (Kompakt) - Rollerskate
Os Mutantes -Divina Comedia (Omplatten) - Ando Meio Desligado
Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language (Marraige) - My Are Singing
Tunng - Good Arrows (Thrill Jockey) - Bricks

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (Universal) - Runway, Houses, Clouds
Phantom Payn Days - Phantom Payn Daze (De Stijl) - Art is Dead
Moebius - Blue Moon (Bureau B) - Bleifuss 1 + 2
Susan Boyle - The Gift (Syco) - Perfect Day (Edit)

Sun City Girls - Funeral Mariachi (Abduction) - Ben's Radio
Tom Darby + Jimmie Tarlton - Bloody War (Tompkins Square) - Captain Won't You Let Me Go Home
Dungen - Skit I Allt (Mexican Summer) - Soda
Syl Johnson - Complete Mythology (Numero Group) - Straight Love (No Chaser)

Syl Johnson- Complete Mythology (Numero Group) - Hot Pants Lady
Deerhoof vs. Kasai Allstars - Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers (Crammed) - Travel Broadens The Mind
Women - Public Strain (Flemish Eye) - Narrow With The Hall
Tonstarttsbandht - I Am Become (Arbutus) - Shot To La Parc


Newer and Shittier!! Nov 8th

Tooting the horn from 3 to 5

MAGIC LANTERN--High Beams (Not Not Fun)-- Vampires In Heat
DIRTY BEACHES--Golden Desert Sun (Italian Beach Babies)-- Night Drive
AIDS WOLF--Very Friendly (Lovepump)-- Very Friendly (nautical almanac)
CLINTON MACHINE-- Gettin' Personial (Fluorescent Friends)-- Thrasyh
NASA HIGH LINE-- some odd tape
WASTED WIDOW--Ines Navarro & Wasted Widow (Hobo Cube)-- Visions
THE FIELD--Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Caroline
EMERALDS-- 7" (eMego)-- Candy Shoppe
EXCEPTER-- Steps: La Sala Rossa-- The Frogs
MOEBIUS-- Blue Moon (Bureau B)-- Intro 2
JURGEN PAAPE--Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Mensch Und Maschine
MOEBIUS-- Blue Moon (Bureau B)-- Im Wedding
GUCCI MANE-- The Appeal (Warner Brothers)-- Weirdo
JORG BURGER-- Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Sparwasser
SYL JOHNSON-- Complete Mythology (Numero)-- Kiss by Kiss
Zack Kouns-- Tape
TWIG HARPER + DANIEL HIGGS-- Clandestine Fellowship (Thrill Jockey)-- Number 5
DIRTY BEACHES-- Bird Ep (Fixture)-- Europa Auto Body
NOVELLER-- Tooth Nest
DIRTY BEACHES-- Coast to Coast-- The Road
SYL JOHNSON-- Complete Mythology (Numero)-- Hot Pants Lady

THE PEPTIDES-- North Hero-- Dont Fear The Reaper
DIRTY PROJECTORS/LUCKY DRAGONS-- Bitte Orca (Domino)-- Stillness Is The Move
DEERHUNTER-- Halcyon Digest-- Helicopter
ABE VIGODA--Crush-- Crush
FAMINES-- 7"-- Syllables



Joe did the show today, went pretty swell, played some new shit and some recently new shit and some shit that is not yet new but will be new shortly enough. Keep listening!!!

Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here? (Editions Mego) - Candy Shoppe
Willie Colón - Salsa Explosion (Strut) - Che Che Colé
La Sera - Never Come Around 7" (Hardly Art) - Behind Your Eyes
Gonjasufi - The Caliph's Tea Party (Warp) - My Only Friend (Hezus Remix)
Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs. Evil (Polyvinyl) - The Merry Barracks
Parallel Pyres - II (Self Released) - Dead Is A God
Ola Belle Reed - Rising Sun Melodies (Smithsonian Folkways) - I've Endured
Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy Soundtrack (Disney) - Derezzed
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca (Domino) - As I Went Out One Morning
Jesuslesfilles - Une Belle Table (Self Released) - La Toune Des Beatles
Takkhalha - Persian Underground (Persianna) - Play With Fire
Women - Public Strain (Flemish Eye) - Heat Distraction
Clinton Machine - Gettin' Personal (Fluorescent Friends) - Thraysh
Brian Eno - Small Craft On A Milk Sea (Warp) - Paleosonic
Grimes - Halafaxa (Arbutus) - Dream Fortress
Benoit Pioulard - Lasted (Kranky) - Fluoresce
Nels Cline - Dirty Baby (Crypto Gramophone) - Dirty Baby Pt. VI
Wire - Red Barked Tree (Pink Flag) - Two Minutes
Tirogo - Float (Normal) - Ajufo
Stereolab - Not Music (Drag City) - Sun Demon
Arp - The Soft Wave (Smalltown Supersound) - Pastoral Symphony
Neil Young - Le Noise (Reprise) - Angry Noise
Witch - Introduction (Normal) - That's What I Want
Huracanes - Absolute Belter (Finders Keepers) - Cambio
Orange Juice - Coals to Newcastle (Domino) - Rip It Up
Umberto - Prophecy of The Black Widow (Not Not Fun) - Chasing Someone Through A House