Newer and Shittier!! Nov 8th

Tooting the horn from 3 to 5

MAGIC LANTERN--High Beams (Not Not Fun)-- Vampires In Heat
DIRTY BEACHES--Golden Desert Sun (Italian Beach Babies)-- Night Drive
AIDS WOLF--Very Friendly (Lovepump)-- Very Friendly (nautical almanac)
CLINTON MACHINE-- Gettin' Personial (Fluorescent Friends)-- Thrasyh
NASA HIGH LINE-- some odd tape
WASTED WIDOW--Ines Navarro & Wasted Widow (Hobo Cube)-- Visions
THE FIELD--Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Caroline
EMERALDS-- 7" (eMego)-- Candy Shoppe
EXCEPTER-- Steps: La Sala Rossa-- The Frogs
MOEBIUS-- Blue Moon (Bureau B)-- Intro 2
JURGEN PAAPE--Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Mensch Und Maschine
MOEBIUS-- Blue Moon (Bureau B)-- Im Wedding
GUCCI MANE-- The Appeal (Warner Brothers)-- Weirdo
JORG BURGER-- Total 11 (Kompakt)-- Sparwasser
SYL JOHNSON-- Complete Mythology (Numero)-- Kiss by Kiss
Zack Kouns-- Tape
TWIG HARPER + DANIEL HIGGS-- Clandestine Fellowship (Thrill Jockey)-- Number 5
DIRTY BEACHES-- Bird Ep (Fixture)-- Europa Auto Body
NOVELLER-- Tooth Nest
DIRTY BEACHES-- Coast to Coast-- The Road
SYL JOHNSON-- Complete Mythology (Numero)-- Hot Pants Lady

THE PEPTIDES-- North Hero-- Dont Fear The Reaper
DIRTY PROJECTORS/LUCKY DRAGONS-- Bitte Orca (Domino)-- Stillness Is The Move
DEERHUNTER-- Halcyon Digest-- Helicopter
ABE VIGODA--Crush-- Crush
FAMINES-- 7"-- Syllables

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