New Shit: August 29th 2011

AJ was out with a migraine today so Amber, Andrew the Intern and Luke stepped up to the plate. Listen here if you missed it (Monday Aug. 29th from 3-5pm). Here's the playlist (artist/album/song):

Bassnectar / Divergent Spectrum / Upside Down
Kids & Explosions / Shit Computer / Everything
Kids & Explosions / Shit Computer / Sex Fight
Strongarm Steady / In Search of Stoney Jackson / New Love
Handsome Furs / Sound Kapitol / Serve the People
Booker T. Jones/ The Road From Memphis / Representing Memphis
Smoky Tigr / Smokrydence / Red River
Bobb Trimble / Cripple Dog Band / The Camel Song
Milk Maid / Yucca / Oh!
Cousins / Secret Weapon - Speech 7" / Speech
Wooden Shjips / West / Home
Dog Day / Deformer / Scratches
J. Viewz / Rivers and HOmes / BUilding a Home
Moonface / Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped / The Whale Song
Mountains / Air Museum / Blue Lanterns on East Oxford
Amen Dunes / Through Donkey Jaw / Baba Yaga
Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson / Cross-Pollination / The Bee Symphony
Sandro Perri / Impossible Spaces / How Will I? (Constellation)
Siskiyou / Keep Away the Dead / Revolution Blues (Constellation)
Beirut / The Rip Tide / Sante Fe
Glenn Jones/ The Wanting / My Charlotte Blue Notebook


New Shit August 22, 2011

Michael Farsky - Hair Alive - Dancing with the Girl I Love - (Self Released)
Michael Farsky - Hair Alive - Fell off skatboard -(Self Released)
Jandek - Where Do You Go From Here - Part 3 (Cowood Industries)
You - Time Code - Future Past (Bureau B)
Dadavistic Orchestra - Document 02 - deep (Dust Science)
Grouper - AIA - Alien Observer (Yellowelectric)
Various artists - Marrakesh+ Essaouira et enre..sons enrigistrees par Leyla Majeri - track 11+12(Self Released)
- Norman Jay MBE presents Good Times 30th anniversary edition - Pimp Rekker (Good times / strut)
Tinariwen - Tassili +10:1 - Tilliaden Osamnat (Anti-)
Bombino - Agadez - Iyat idounia Ayasahen (Cumbancha)
Celine Vincent - Coeur a Coeur (Self Released)
William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs - Let's Do Something Impossible (Anti-)
Wooden Shjips - West - Looking Out (Thrill Jockey)
Myelin sheaths - Get on Your Nerves - Blood Loss (Self Released)
Gardens - Gardens - Day Dream ()
Dog Day - Deformer - Day Dream (Fundog Records)
Thurston Moore - Carbon 15 years Series - track 3 (Carbon)
The Body - The Body - Night Terrors (Corleone)
Thisquietarmy - Vessel - The Pacific Theatre (Aurora Borealis)


NEW SKILLS August 15 2011

Missed the Live show - check it out here
The final week of Kids Camp crew hosting the first hour of the show
here's what they came up with, with the help of Intern Andrew.
the Second Hour Features some new releases on Porter Records,
Finnish trio of fine female improvisors Hertta Lussu Assa, Local Sonic
synthesizer Erin Sexton and Sun Araw & Eternal Tapestry

here's a group of Youth interviewing Zip from Ill Grove garden

Googoosh - googoosh - sheyoayat (finders keepers/bmusic)
JF Robitaille - Calendar - The City Trembles(Blue Carnidal)
Dog Day - Deformer- Bluish Grey (fun dog)
Cerebral Ballzy - Cerebral Ballzy - On the Run(Adult swim)
Mister Heavenly - Out of Love - Doom Wop (Sub Pop)
Jandek - Where do you go from here - part 2 (corwood)
Citizen Sound- Wa Do Dub Remixes - Wa Do Dub (Balanced)
Opopo - Light Work - Done Fidget(Urbnet)
Samantha Savage Smith - tough cookie - Devil Man(Western Famine)
Kamloopa Pow Wow Society - 30th annual Kamloopa Pow Wow - Thundering Spirit Intertribal(Crazy Cutz)
Martin Tetreault & le Quatuor du de Tourne disque - Points, Lignes, et Haut Parleurs - Materiaux ii-ii-ii-ii (Oral)
Anthony Von Seck - My Best Friend in Exile - War is Boring(Experimental Farm)
Jandek - Where do you go from here- Part 12(Corwood)
Brazilian Money - - Then you'll know (totally Disconected)


The Bar Keys - Stax Does to Beatles - Hey Jude (stax)
Erin Sexton - Horizons - Interference (Les encodages de L'oubli)
Erin has a new Double cd out on Les Encodages de L'oubli
one cd is Erin's solo work wherein she constructs amalgams
of sounds coaxed out of handmade electronics,the other cd
is a series of duos you can read more about Erin's brilliant
work on her website erinsexton.com

Anla Courtis - the torrid - LA noodles (Porter)
Hertta Lussa Assa - Hertta Lussu Assa - The Shrewbread Vanishes (de Stijl)
Alak/Pregnant - Tradition - Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles (Porter)
Sun Araw & Eternal Tapestry - Night Gallery -I (Thrill Jockey)


NEW SHAKES August 8th 2011

A little overlap from the previous programme.
New shakes starts at

about 3:07......................

Alone in the dark studio, i've dimme
d the lights to get through the 2 hours.
I've had a headache for 2 weeks - it's dull, the right side of my face feels numb
like i've had a stroke, i sometimes see a big dark circle of nothing in my right

eye's vision field - i've been told it's the aura....
i'm short of breath, i have pains in my chest, everything's gone to shit.

To kick things off - i did a little sonic meditation with a metal mixing bowl
balanced precariously on my noggin, Timpani mallets, Binaural Microphones
and some vocalization.
Hertta Lussu Assa - Hrtta Lussu Assa - Elamannesti/Den Sekottuminen (Destijl)
Hertta Lussu Assa - Hrtta Lussu Assa - Yontullen sahkoinen sapnieli sekoaa (Destijl)
Crows in the back yard
Circuit des Yeux - Portrait - Twenty Day (Destijl)
Diva - The Glitter End - Andromeda's Lullaby ()
Anthony Von Seck - My Best Friend in Exile - Devil's Lake (Experimental Farm)
Nick Kuepfer -Rural route no. 7 - a wave (Standard Form)
Gmackrrkzgl -
Gmackrrkzgl Cassette - (Self Released)
Crows in the backyard

Good friends of New Shit, LANTERN are embarking on a tour in the Fall
You can help them make their tour a celebration for your Ears and your ass

Lantern - Stranger I come /Stranger I Leave - I Don't Know (Night People/Sweat lodge guru)
Thurston Moore - Suicide Notes for Acoustic Guitar - Soul (Carbon Records
Richard Pinhas & Merzbow - Rhizome - Rhizome 1-010011010011011 (Cuneifor


New Shhh-kids + Hour of Trimble: August 1st

For this edition of New Shit, the yout's of the CKUT Radio Camp spun a whole buncha tunes prepared by Lili La Stagiaire (playlist below). Then came the Hour of Trimble.

Song/Arteest/Piece de Resistance is the format:

Hour 1

???/Ilaiyaraaja/Solla Solla
On the Run/Cerebral Ballzy/self-titled
Moonwall Ampheres Protagorus/William Chrey/Szolar
Williams Blood/Grace Jones/Hurricane
She Has The Sky/Imaginary John/Dig
Modern Love Song Pt.1/JF Robitaille/Calendar
Shadow of Love/Sloan/The Double Cross
Yakety Yak/The Thrashers/Make Splash
User System/Azalia Snail/Celestial Respect
Jello and Juggernauts/Unknown Mortal Orchestra/S-T
2.3.7/Las Kellies/Kellies
Orange Blossom/Gardens & Villa/S-T


Amber stepped in and themed the second hour around underground psychfolk artist Bobb Trimble whose "lost" LP, The Crippled Dog Band, was recently released on Yoga Records. So that is = new shit, sorta. We played eight tracks off of that record, a recording of a 2009 live performance with the Flying Spiders at WFMU. Thanks to Jason at the Free Music Archive for being awesome!

All tunes by Bobb Trimble:

Glass Menagerie Fantasies/Iron Curtain Innocence
Night at the Asylum/Iron Curtain Innocence
Live Wire Live Wire/ Live at WMFU
Intro/The Crippled Dog Band LP
All Together Now/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Live Wire/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Galilean Boy/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Fight or Fall/Screw It/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Camel Song/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Undercovers Man/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Armour of the Shroud/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Premonitions - The Fantasy/Harvest of Dreams

New Shit: July 25, 2011

Biosphere: N-Plants***

For this edition of New Shit, the music dept interns Andrew and Lili were in charge: Hey guys, we hope you enjoyed today's show of New Shit. In case you wanted to find the artists and bands that you enjoyed, here is a complete playlist below divided into hours 1 and 2:

So, song/artist/album...


shave my pussy / chad vangaalen / diaper island
brigs barques & sharks / lowlands / lowlands
business / sweetness / what's it like to be a sprinkler i wonder
stick to your guns / onwards soldier / ghosts in this town
let the time roll by / onwards soldier / ghosts in this town
clap / hooded fang / tosta mista
brahma / hooded fang / tosta mista
sleep forever / portugal. the man / in the mountain in the cold
got it all / portugal. the man / in the mountain in the cold
so american / portugal. the man / in the mountain in the cold
northern wind / city in colour / little head
tiny hands / forbidden hands / pdx-pop-now
bukowski / teddybears / devil's music
rocket scientist feat / teddybears / devil's music
get mama a house feat / teddybears / devil's music
wolfman / the real tuesday weld / the last werewolf
descent into the valley of the planet smashers / the planet smashers / descent into the valley of...
the hippopotamus / the planet smashers / descent into the valley of...


tamacun / rodrigo y gabriela / live in france
sendai / biosphere / n-plants
moments of sufficient lucidicty / the caretaker / the caretaker
yon tullen sahkoinen spanieli sekdaa / hertta lussu assa / hertta lussu assa
modern horses / extra happy ghost!!! / modern horses
glass bubbles / all tiny creatures / harbors
orange + mango / the phoenix foundation / buffalo
glacial wave / noveller / glacial glow
culture of fear / thievery corporation / culture of fear
free press + curl / shabazz palaces / black up
this world / selah sue / selah sue
bloody poetry / grieves / together apart
wild fire / sbtrkt / sbtrkt

heatwave / sbtrkt / sbtrkt
***Biosphere: N-Plants: It is amazing how Biosphere predicted this meltdown through their latest album N-Plants. Unfortunately his message was not heard, “As the head of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said: “The plants were so well-designed” that “such a situation is practically impossible.” – From the description that came with Biospheres, N-Plants CD.