New Shhh-kids + Hour of Trimble: August 1st

For this edition of New Shit, the yout's of the CKUT Radio Camp spun a whole buncha tunes prepared by Lili La Stagiaire (playlist below). Then came the Hour of Trimble.

Song/Arteest/Piece de Resistance is the format:

Hour 1

???/Ilaiyaraaja/Solla Solla
On the Run/Cerebral Ballzy/self-titled
Moonwall Ampheres Protagorus/William Chrey/Szolar
Williams Blood/Grace Jones/Hurricane
She Has The Sky/Imaginary John/Dig
Modern Love Song Pt.1/JF Robitaille/Calendar
Shadow of Love/Sloan/The Double Cross
Yakety Yak/The Thrashers/Make Splash
User System/Azalia Snail/Celestial Respect
Jello and Juggernauts/Unknown Mortal Orchestra/S-T
2.3.7/Las Kellies/Kellies
Orange Blossom/Gardens & Villa/S-T


Amber stepped in and themed the second hour around underground psychfolk artist Bobb Trimble whose "lost" LP, The Crippled Dog Band, was recently released on Yoga Records. So that is = new shit, sorta. We played eight tracks off of that record, a recording of a 2009 live performance with the Flying Spiders at WFMU. Thanks to Jason at the Free Music Archive for being awesome!

All tunes by Bobb Trimble:

Glass Menagerie Fantasies/Iron Curtain Innocence
Night at the Asylum/Iron Curtain Innocence
Live Wire Live Wire/ Live at WMFU
Intro/The Crippled Dog Band LP
All Together Now/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Live Wire/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Galilean Boy/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Fight or Fall/Screw It/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Camel Song/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Undercovers Man/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Armour of the Shroud/The Crippled Dog Band LP
Premonitions - The Fantasy/Harvest of Dreams

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