NEW SHITTS: Monday October 4, 2010

Bleed in from Previous Show/ live feed loop/ grunting etc...
I have a heart on x 2 for de stijl recs this new one is now
engraved in my mind it keeps getting better with each spin
round the music reproduction machine.
39 Clocks - Jurgen Gleue's electrified duo with Christian
Henjes active in the late 70s , mainly in Hannover was
one of my favourite discoveries of 2009. However Gleue's
Solo Record surpasses the jams contained on the 39 clock's
Zoned... release ,Phantom Payne Days is brooding with a
classic VU style of tragic optimism fringing on outright
defeatism. Guitar, perfectly crappy keys, aloof vocal delivery.
C'est une musique qui partage le cru du vécu et du vide.
Ice Cube - I am the west - a boy was conceived (lench mob)
Ice Cube - I am the west - soul on ice (lench mob)
The Roots - How I got Over - tunnel vision (def jam)
Gilbert Deflez - Je Suis Vivant mais j'ai peur - l'agonie (b-music/finders keepers)
For Tet - angel echoes and remixes - Angels Echoes rmx (
Koen Holt Kamp - Gravity/Bees - Losely based on bees (excerpt) (thrill jockey)
Benoit Pioulard - Lasted - Sault (kranky)
Benoit Pioulard - Lasted - Purse Discusses (kranky)
Oval - o - panorama (thrill jockey)
Ted Lucas - Ted Lucas - Johnny Boy Blues (yoga records)
Dirty Beaches - Bird EP - West Coast Bird (fixture)
Neil Young - Le Noise - love and war (Reprise)
Phantom Payne Days - Phantom Payne Daze - Afternoon Non-Happenings No.2 (De Stijl)
Phosphorescent - More Townes Van Zant By the Great Unknown - Why She's Acting This Way (for the sake of song)
Swans the great annihilator - I am the sun (YGR)
Holy Sons - Survival Tales - Sympathetic Strings (partisan)
Off the International Radar vs - Holy Fuck - Holy Radar (hand drawn dracula-
Not the wind Not the Flag - Burn and Return Cassette (Medusa)
Christian Fennesz/David Daniel/ Tony Buck - Knoxville - Antonia (Thrill Jockey)
Alexandre St-Onge - Entite - Le Rayon Vague (Oral)
Acid Attack - Calgary's Cool Tracks Feedback #6-2 - burning in the atmosphere

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