NEW SKIT MONDAY October 11 2010

Thanksgiving football game at the stadium across the street
provides a background for the talking part, crows cawing at
the weather report, unexpected things, as per the usual....

Hauschka - Foreign Landscapes - Sunny Mission (fat cat)
Owen Pallett - A Sweedish Love Story EP - Don't Stop (Domino)
Olenka and the Autmn Lovers - And How We Sing - Motel Blues (Oh!)
Hooded Fang - Album - Laughing (Self Released)
Elyn Sof - Blood of Streams - Quantum Psychics (Blue Fog)
Jandek - Toronto Sunday - Prelude (Corwood)
Phantom Payne Days- Phantom Payne Daze - Primitive chamber Music (De Stijl)
Ted Lucas - Ted Lucas - Plain & Simple Melody (Yoga)
Barn Owl -Ancestral Star - Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey)
The Dead C - Patience - South (Ba Da Bing)
Joshua Abrams - Natural Information - Abide in Sunset (Eremite)
Chicago Based Bassist and Composer Joshua Abram's
most recent release, his first with the mighty Eremite
label is the kind of record that caters to a different sense
upon each listen.. Intricate patterns, rhythmic circles,
lush sounds coaxed from the Guimbri, a three stringed
animal hide bass traditionally used in healing ceremonies
by the Gnawa people of Nothern Africa. Psych freak out drone
jazz, maybe - or something that you just don't want to pin down.
The 180g vinyl features 6 cuts, solo, trio and quartet formations
Abram's collaborators on this one are:
Abrams guimbri, mpc, percussion, harmonium, bass, bells, dulcimer, donso ngoni, ms20
Jason Adasiewicz vibraphone
Emmett Kelly guitar
Frank Rosaly & Noritaka Tanakadrums

He'll be coming to Montreal, Playing at the Casa Del Popolo on
the 13th of October 2010
not to be missed.

Expo70 - Sonic Messenger - Nzambi Awaken(Beta Lactam)
Jon Mueller - The Whole - Hands( (Type)
Mostly Other People do the Killing - This is our Moosic - Hands (Hot cup)
Twig Harper & Daniel Higgs - Clair Audience Fellowship - Number 5 (Thrill Jockey)
id m theft able - Dancing in the Dark Remix
Seriously, The Boss has never sounded so on top, infective.

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