NEW SHIT - Monday August 23rd - Public Enemy Special

(listen here)

The Sundry Light - Neferiu Records: Tendown - June Bug (Neferiu)
Cop Car Bonfire - By-Law Barbecue - untitled (Self-Released)
Majical Cloudz - s/t cassette - unsure (Numbers Station)
Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun 7" - Night Drive (Italian Beach Babes)
Low Red Center - s/t 10" - Tropicalize (S.S.)
Fat Freddy's Drop - s/t - Wild Wind (chopped & screwed) (The Drop)
Donald Thomas - Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands - Black Night Is Calling Me Home (Numero Group)
Cyclist - Double Dip - Pocket Money (Dublum)
TETRIX - Neferiu Records: Tendown - The World (Neferiu)
Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Western Wind (Circuit Song)
Mid Pines - Unmeasure - Isiah 54 (Circuit Song)
---20th anniversary of "Fear of a Black Planet"---
Keldamuzik - Diva - Shows n Shoots (Golddigga)
U.S. Girls - Bits + Pieces - A Day at the Race (Self-Released)
POLPOT - PIXXX - Discarded Cut-Off Jeans and a Pile of Drug Paraphernalia (Unit Structure)
Zinja Hlungwandi - Shangaan Electro - Nwa Gezani (Honest John's)
Proem - Enough Conflict - Kalimba Jam (n5MD)

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