Neue Spiele June 13 2011

New Shit ====Montreal>>> Weimar
CKUT>>>>>>Bauhaus FM
New shit was simulcast on Bauhaus FM
a small station in Weimar Germany where our good friend
and former CKUT intern extra-ordinaire Fabien (a.k.a. Fabs)
is making radio that matters.

Artist-album - track name-label

Deformen Horns - Deformed Nature- Side A (self released cassette)
Andy Boay - Born to Fully - On Myn Own (Bruised tongue
Nick Kuepfer - Rural Route No. 7 - a River (Standard Form)
Holzkopf - Sober MAterials #5 - I Can't LEave home PArt 1 (Self Released)
Bernardino Femminielli - split w/araignee - chauffeur (fixture)
The Pink Noise -Gilded flowers - The Tower (Pleasance Records)
White Hills - H-P1 - Bo Other Way (thrill Jockey)
Tonstartssbandht - Now i am Become - Eifdn Aod Sulie(Arbutus)
Lithurgy - Aeshetica - High Gold (Thrill Jockey)
Myelin sheaths - Get on Your Nerves - Get on Your Nerves (South Paw)
Brazilian Money - This is not a Dream - Party Till I'm Dead - (totally disconnected/weird canada)
Metal Mountains - Golden Trees - Structures in the Sun (Amish)
Esmerine - LA Leucheza - Last Waltz (Constellation)
Dustin O'Halloran - Vorleben - Opus 38 (Fat Cat)
Arp - The Soft Wave - Pastoral Symphony : I: Dominoes (Small Town Supersound)
Staccato Du Mal - Sin Destino - Salvation Through Suffering (Weird)
Essaei PAs - Essaie PAs EP - Il Fault (Ample)
Group Doueh - Zayna Jumma - Zayna Jumma (Sublime Frequencies)

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