Field Recording of Spring Peepers, Katonah New York
sun going down, mosquitoes in full force, a pissed off
chipmunk screeching its discontent, birds setting in for
the evening and peepers peeper everywhere.

Live in studio Improvisation
Edgetone Recording Artist Lucio Menegon was in town playing an afternoon
gig on Sunday June 5th at Virgil Sharkya's aptly named space Vergil Reality
Thew players came down to ckut's studios, bringing a trumpet, consumer synths, hand made synth, pedals, guitar, ding dongs, knicknacks

Loup Garou - live set june 10th 4u -
Percussing, Piano and 'lectronics duo form Lowell Mass
Walter Wright runs Gallery 119
Setheyny Penn is an award winning dragon boat racer whose percussive style makes me weep,
More live improv in studio

Bernard Hermann - Vertigo O.s.t. - Vertigo Theme (Mercury)
Stockhausen - Stimmung - Stimmung(excerpt) - Hyperion Records

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