New Socks

Gorillaz - The Fall - Blow to Arizona - Parlophone
Beastie Boys - Hot sauce committe part two - ok - Capitol
Tonstartsbandht - Now I Am Become - Rodas 1916 - Arbutus
Mantana Roberts-Coin Coin Chapter One-Les Gens de Couleur Libres-Constellation
The Details-Lost Art-The Original Mark-Killbeat Music
The Grimes-D'eon-Vanessa-Hipposintanks
Jackie o motherfucker-Earth Sound System-I'm the willows-IMP records
Efron Manuel Menuck-High Gospel-Our Lady-Constellation
Maroon 5-David Lynch Foundation-The Air I Breath-PledgeMusic
If-Take a Look at the Sea-Good Heart Bleed-Folkwit
Karen got an interview with the band Man Man
If-Take a Look at the Sea-Stay-Folkwit
All Tiny Creatures-Harbors-Holography-Hometapes
Katie Moore-Montebello-Something on your Mind-Purple Cat Records
Ron Sebmith-Long Player Late Bloomer-Get In Line
The Black Swans-Don't Blame The Stars-Mean Medicine-Misra
The Dagons-Upon The Dull Earth-I am not nice-Independant
Sanso Xtro-Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain-Wings at Rush-Digitalis
Lantern-Deliver me from nowhere-In the Night Alone-Electik Voice

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