NEW STRANGE June 20th 2011


Our good roots-of-blues-infused-noise-maker-shakers
dishing out a strained neck from head banging
which consists of:
Zachary Fairbrother guitar and vocals,
Emily Robb bass,
Sophie White drums

Were in studio to play a set
in the second hour of the show which can be heard
by accessing CKUT's ARCHIVES

They were in town for Weird Canada/Suoni Per il Popolo

Wyrd MTL

Check out Lantern's Music and releases

and this Article that professes Lantern as the best band

NEW SHIT PLAY LIST ---- on it's way!

Angelo Michajlov - Saxana: - The Wisdom Teeth (B music/Finders keepers)
Balam Acab - See Birds - Big Boy (Tri Angle)
Christophe Tarkos - Expressif: Le Petit Bidon - Les Nuages (Éditions Cactus)
GroupDoueh - Zayna Jumma - Ana Lakweri (Sublime Frequencies)
Tonstartssbandht - Hymn - Hymn Eola (does are)
Black Eagle Child - Lobelia - The Bee's Vest (Presrvation)
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit - Twist of Fate - Twist of Fate (Monotype)
Dream Catcher - Mozart Penis Bong load Session (live at ckut)

LIVE TRAX from Lantern

Lantern - Stranger Come Stranger Leave - Stranger Come Stranger LEave (Sweat Lodge Guru/Night-People)
Lantern - Stranger Come Stranger Leave - Witch Wave(Sweat Lodge Guru/Night-People)

Short Interview with Emily, Zachary & Sophie

Lantern - I Don't Know
Ultrathin - Glass City
Dreamcatcher - Dr. Clawk

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