NEW SKIDS: June 28th 2011

CKUT runs a Kids Camps in the summer where every week
there is a group of young people that come to the station
and learn how to make, host and produce radio.
So for the next few weeks hour 1 of new shit will
be hosted by a different krew of younguns dustin'
their skills behind the board and playing jams from
bands that are passin' through town.

HOUR TWO this week was pretty much dedicated to some
new shit that was hand delivered by friends in the city
the most excellent 12 inch lathe cut split between

GRKZGL put 2 tapes in my hand I only got to play one side, but there'll be more soon
all interlaced with excerpts from
The Caretaker - an empty bliss beyond this world (history always favours the winners)

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