new splendours of 2011 Dec 27 2011

It's the i really dug these records in 2011 episode
of New Shit (according to aj, who is not the only host of the
show, but the longest running host pulling new shit from
the mail bin to your radio since 2009.)

The problem - the small leaning tower of recordings
is a wee too tall for 2 hours..some good shit ifs gonna
be left outta the game

Acid Mothers Temple & the MeltingParaiso U.F.O. - Pink lady Lemonade
You're From Inner Space - Track 1 (Alien8 recordings)

Hertta Lussu Assa - s/t - juicy bones (destijl)

Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere - Quintette n.1 (fatcat)
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges - The Stars in His Head (Constellation)

Chris Watson - El Tren Fantasma - el divisadero (T

Yamantaka Sonic Titan // YT//ST - Reverse Crystal// Murder of a spider (Psychic Handshake)
Village of Spaces - Alchemy and Trust -Ovum's Influene (Corleone)

Metal Mountains - Golden Trees - The Golden Trees that Shade Us (Amish)

Amen Dunes - Through Donkey JAw - Bedroom Drum (S
acred Bones)

Andy Boay - Evil Masters - Evil Ma
sters (Does Are)

Sans Xtro - Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain - Fountain Fountai
n (Digitalis )

Bernardino Femminielli - Femminielli/araignee split - Chauffeur (Fixturerecords)

Le Revelateur - Fictions - Age Maze (Gneiss Things)

Staccato Du Mal - Sin estino - Walls Fade (weird )

Rakam - Stranger Things Before - Budgetary Stereo (self Released)

C Spencer Yeh - Another Day/Condo Stress 7" - Another Day (de Stijl)
Erkin Koray - Mechul Singles & Rarities - Goca Dunya (Sublime Frequencies)

Bombino - Agadez -Ahoulaguine Akaline (I greet My Country) (Cumbancha)

Group Doueh - Zayna Juma - Ishhadlak Ya Khey - (SublimeFrequencies)

Swck - Unicorn Chasers - A Plane in the Clouds - (Atavistic)

(with possibly the worst mix ever due to trying to squeeze in:

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter 1: LEs Gens de Couleur - How Much Would You Cost (Constellation)

Awwww - i didn't get to play anything from these releases that pleased
me so this past year 2 hours just isn't ehough:
Dalot's Minute Static on n5MD
Lukas Ligeti's Pattern Time on Innova
Emanuele Errante's Time Elapsing handheld onKaraoke Kalk
Israel Martinez' El Hombre que se sofoca on The Subrosa New Framework series
Olga Magieres & Tetsuo Furudate's Introduction of "Blue of Noon" on Monotype
COH's Iron on Editions Mego
Juv's Self Titled release on Miasmah

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