NEW SCRAPS October 10 2011

W.W. Lowman -Kumquat may - Cuts Like a Knife(Atavistic)
Village of Spaces - Alchemy and Trust - Ovum's Influence (Corleone)
Seriously - this release by Village of spaces is my favourite folk-
leaning album this year, it's got this internal warmth that just makes
me feel really good and sometimes melancholic-ly-fuzzy.
Village of Spaces:
(aka uke of spaces and corners, uke of spatial corners, uke of
space corners county ...)
Is Dan Beckman-Moon and Amy Moon O.S. are joined by Friends
(Michael Hurley plays Fiddle on Montana Telephone) They run
RoGeHe a really great venue for live music out of their Barn in Belfast,
SWCK - Unicorn Chasers-Unicorn Chasers: The Stalk (Atavistic)
- Unicorn Chasers::The Chase
- Unicorn Chasers:The Kill
- Unicorn Chasers:the funeral and celebration
Village of Spaces - Alchemy and Trust - Mountainside(Corleone)
Alvarius B - Baroque Primitiva - Mussolini's Exit (Abduction)
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers-s/t-Ballad of lonely Bear(Self Released)
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers - And Now We Sing - No Coins (Oh!)
Sandro Perri - Impossible Spaces -Love & Light (Constellation)
F&M - Wish You Were Here - Music By the Sea (Shameless)
Case Studies - The World is just a Shape to fill the night
Tasseomancy - ulalume - Morning Chest (Out of this Spark)
Dalot - Minute Static - Breathe your soul in and Say Goodbye(To Him) N5MD
A Winged Victory For the Sullen - s/t- Requiem For the Staticking Pt.1 (Kranky)
- Requiem For the Staticking Pt.(Kranky)
Dustin O' Halloran (Pianist/composer)and Adam Wiltzie (Stars
of the Lid) have teamed up and the resultant is an ebb and flow swell
and fall orchestration of tones coaxed from piano, electric guitar, cello,
string quartet, french horn... it's stars of the lid meets the
expansive piano styles of O'Halloran whose most release
LUMIERE on Fat cat had a firm hold on me during the late spring

Lawrence English - Peregrine - Oct 1: The Hunting Life (Experimedia)
- November 16: Dead Oak
- December 24: Frost's Bitter Grip

I did a brief overview of the festival where the following 2 artists
are playing:
Le Revelateur - Fictions - Bleu Nuit (Gneiss Things)
Hélène Prévost - Ladies Club vol.2 - Ladies and Gentlemen (Le son 666)

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