Well It was π Day today and I sure celebrated, playing only circular cds and records. I did play a rectangle tape once but it wasn't a big deal. Anyway there is a lot of great new shit to check out for all you guys. Omma Cobba's new cassingle, Peaking Lights, and plenty of really excellent international compilations like the Angola Soundtrack, Pakistan instrumentals, and Sofrito. LISTEN TO THEM - Joe

Fujiya & Miyagi - Ventriloquizzing (Yeproc) - Ventriloquizzing
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (Island) - Let England Shake
Quintron - Sucre du Sauvage (Goner) - Banana Beat
Akron/Family - Akron/Family II (Dead Oceans) - Silly Bears
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Sub Pop) - How To Be A Werewolf

Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On (Arts & Crafts) - Black Water
Omma Cobba - (Craft Singles) 001 - Policeman
Chain & The Gang - Music's Not For Everyone (K) - Why Not?
Embrujo - Embrujo (Normal) - Corre A Los Campos
Salva - Complex Housing (Friends of Friends) - Beached

Fever Ray - Red Riding Hood OST (Warner Bros) - The Wolf
Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (LL) - Get Some
The Panthers - Pakistan Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976 (Sublime Frequencies) - Simmi Dance
Peaking Lights - 736 (Not Not Fun) - All The Sun That Shines
Hans Joachim Roedelius - Geschenk Des Augenblicks (Bureau B) - Kleine Blume Irgwendo

Deerhoof - Deerhoof vs. Evil (Polyvinyl) - Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia
Adventure - Lesser Known (Car Park) - Song 1
Brave Irene - Brave Irene (Slumberland) - No Fun
Balam Acab - See Birds EP (Tri Angle) - See Birds (Moon)

Hype Williams - One Nation (Hippos In Tanks) - Businessline
Victor Uwaifo - Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque (Strut) - Ohue
El Gran Romancito - Cartagena! Curro Fuentes and The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962-72 (Soundway) - Honolulu
Quim Manuel - Angola Sound
track: Special Sounds From Luanda 1965 - 1978 (Analog Africa) - Eme Lelu
Fabric - A Sort of Radiance (Spectrum Spools) - Camera
Brazilian Money - Friendly Neighbor - Big Money

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