New Shit March 7


- the alchemist and oh no, gutter water, intro (DEACON)
- ancient astronauts, into base and time, world wide (ESL)
- grand analog, underground hip-hop vol. 6 (URBNET)
- Devotchka, 100 lovers, exaustable (ANTI-)
- geoff burner, victory party, Dalay Polieezei (MINT RECORDS)
- mono gernade, tantale, ce soir (BONSOUND)
- the rural alberta advantage, departing, tornado 87 (PAPPER BAG RECORDS)
- d-sisive-jonestown , jimmy go bye bye, it was quiet in guyana (UEBNET)
- d-sisive-jonestown , jimmy go bye bye, no more words (URBNET)
- port-royal, 2000-2010 the golden age of consumerism, shree bang special (NSMD)
- various artists, transnationl dubstep, brown skin beauty (SIX DEGREES)
- plastikman, kompilation, plastacine (PLASTIKPRODUKT)
- ancient astronauts, into base and time, peace in the east (ESL)
- ben everyman, S/T, rockrollstar (self release)
- fredrick squire, march 12, pritty bird (BLUE FOG)
- buck 65, 20 odd years, who by fire (WARNER MUSIC CANADA)
- giant hand, starting as people, starting as people (EMPTY ROOM RECORDS)
- brazilian money, friendly neighbor, ghetto lungs (self release)
- licorice roots, strangers in marshmellow boots, strangers in marshmellow boots (DAISI RECORDS)
- star hunters, S/T, holy peak (self release)
- geoff burner, victory party, wealthy poet (MINT RECORDS)
- hawk & a hacksaw, cervatine, no rest for the wicked (LM DUPLICATION)
- mother mother, eureka, calm me down (LAST GANG)
- lesbreastfeeders, dans la geule du jour, 400 miles (BLOW THE FUSE)
- shilpa ray and her happy hookers, teenage and torture, liquidation sale(KNITTING FACTORY)

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