NEW SHOOT: ART's Birthday Editttiiion

2:30-3:30 Jon Claude of the unearthly Night Train is taking apart a radio and unleashing the sounds that are inside 2:30-3:30 while refecting on the process of unscrewing, circuitry, plastic casing

Download the hour here
or through the program grid


Emilie Mouchous & James Schidlowski will be playing their handmade electronics, shorting circuits and making sounds like krtchbbbbt, trittttlibbble, fttt fttt dreatchkmmmmmmf

Dashpi - 7" - woob woob (Feeding Tube recs)
Dashpi - 7" - skot doesn't wanna (Feeding Tube recs)
Jana Winderen - The Noisiest Guys on the Planet - side A -

4:30-5 pm

Chimurenga Electroacoustic Ensemble (Cabral Jacobs, Leon Lo, Nicolas Dion,

Anne-Francoise Jacques, John Brennan,

Nimalan Yoganathan)

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