Cold Shit January 24, 2010

Y Fait Frette icitte.

Charles Bradley - Nothing for Dreaming - Why is it so Hard (Daptone)
Sean Nicolas Savage - Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration - Yes I Need You (Arbutus)
Brazilian Money - Friendly Neighbor - Why Am I Still Standing (Self Released)
The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work - Tiny Head (Dead Oceans)
Simon Frank - Unheated Neighbors, Coughing UP Blood (Goaty Tapes)
Thank You - Golden Worry - Strange All (Thrill Jockey)
Braids - Native Speaker - Lammicken (Flemish Eye)
Eero Koivistoinen - 3rd Version - Latin Power (Porter)
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges - Lord, I just cant Keep from Crying Sometimes (Constellation)
Loup Garou - Recorded january 11th (for emilie ad AJ!) - Track 8
Aloonaluna - Aloonaluna - Teenager Acorn Trees (Concertina recs.)
Brian McBride - The Effective Disconnect - Girl Nap (Kranky)
Riccardo Dillon Wanke - To R.S. - Turtle - (Sedimental)
Senking - Pong - LVMA-12 (Raster Noton)
Ulrich Krieger - Fathom - Fathom - Sub Rosa

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