New Found Shit - December 27, 2010.

Emilie M and Simon Brown Host this edition of New Shit
Featuring a panoply of cassette tapes, nature sounds,
home recordings, chansons quétaine , absurd children's
rhymes, and answering machine tapes

Songs and sounds of Orcinus Orca
Bruits de Fond D'eskimo
Nouveau-Brunswick - Encan Radio Acadie
Du Primaire au Secondaire
Sound Medicine
Conversation Trouvée - Montreal 2005
Egg of Time - Louise 1990
Extreme Wrestling Anthems -Ode To Freud
Le Rendement des Vaches Québécoises - Reel from James
Relaxation avec Mataji et Swani - sensorielle/nature
Culturally Speaking - French
French Answering MAchine (Simon)
Entrevue avec Baby Spice VHS
Retour a la source
The Science of Eating More & Exercising less
Environments 8- Country Stream
Ici a Commencé l'histoire
Nawang Khechog - Rhythm of Peace
Prehistoire des Inuits - Entrevue avec J.P. Salum
Vothung Guitar Solo n.50
Romantic Moods - Body Beautiful
James' - y marche ben mon char mais itient pas route
Spectacular sound effects of science fiction
Liberty Mission Agency from Tanzania
Sons D'halloween
Garam - Robert Hebrard - Crimus
Simon's Parent's song
The Jingle cats - silent Night
Infinite Directions
Raven L'amoureux

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