NEW SHIITTT = December 20, 2010

Joshua Burkett - Where's My Hat? - Where's My Hat Pt. 1 - 4 (Time Lag)
Transcendental Rodeo - Vol.1 - Washington Cross (Beniffer Editions)
Wooden Wand - Death Seat - I MAde You (Young God)
Subtle - Lip Can - Crumple Power Down (Drip Audio)
Charlotte Hug & Fred Lonberg- Holm - Fine Extensions - Part 3 (Emanem)
Aeroplane Trio- Naranja Ha - Pre Rumble (Drip Audio)
Aeroplane Trio- Naranja Ha - Lucky Loonie (Drip Audio)
D'eon - Palinospia - Kill a Man With A Joystick In Your Hand (Hippos in Tanks)
Les Momies De Palerme - Brulez Ce Coeur - Incarnation (Musique Fragile)
Dark Sea Dream - Dark Sea Dream - Not Till you Pull That Trigger Boy (Prophase)
MSSNG - MSSNG/GReenhouse Tape - Side A (MSSNG) (Prairie Fire)


Output:Noise is a community of artists from mid/eastern New York
State who are involved in the pursuit of propelling improvised
music, be it in an ambient, experimental, noise vein through
live events and the publishing of recorded materials. They
run a subscription label that publishes some really
stellar stuff like:

The Table - Sirens - Aporia (Output: Noise)
Document NR - Output: Noise 010 - Track 4 (Output:Noise)
The Freemandown duo - Live - Mystic Gang Bang (Output: Noise)
Document NR - Output: Noise 008 - Track 3 (Output:Noise)

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