JAN 30 NEW SHIT - hosted by Mama's Boy

Background "talking-over" music for this episode was "Flatbed to Kyaiktiyo" by Parallel Pyres.
Please check out more of his jams here

For this week's episode of New Shit, I played my selection of new releases straight through with the exception of the last album (Expressway comp) which I played selections from due to time constraints (not that time exists, ass-people).

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The Show

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Skeleton Warrior - Seasons of Nudity split LP
"Gizeldra's Love Affair"
"Executive D"
"Monster Face"

Meager Sunlight - Seasons of Nudity split LP
"Trouble Is Nothing"
"The Hound"

Weird Wives - Some Motherfuckers Be Walking Round Like They Got A Size 9 Diehard Up Their Ass Just because They Aint Never Seen A Short AC Man Get Bad Ass On Methadone CS
"Alone Times"
"Peak Commute"
"Plastic Masks"
"Toto Army"
"Dashing Moulah"
"No Sleep"
"Predator 4"

Tonstartssbandht - Asses Here: Unreleased Music That Hasn't Even Been Collected Yet
"Little Richa"

D.P Dummer - Too Yung Digital Download
"Rico Doin Better"
"Treat Me Too Younge"

and some tracks from the Bathetic Records digital compilation Expressway
Xander Harris - "When The Darkness Has Fed"
Dirty Beaches -
"Highway 1"
Grand Trine -
"Here Comes The Night"
Hot & Cold -
"Distant Lights"
Speculator -
"Picking Flowers"
Tonstartssbandht -
"Dad Beating Up Dudes Downtown; Orlando, 1991"

See yall again soon

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