NEW SHARE: November 7, 2011.

Black Star - Rawkus Records- best of a decade - Respiration
Black Star - Rawkus records - best of a decade - Definition

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - We played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced(Kranky)
Tim Hecker - Dropped Pianos - Tr.1 (Kranky)
Aaron Martin - Experimedia Samples 2011 - Water Tongue (Experimedia)

MonoType is a label that is based in Warszawa Poland that is dedicated to putting out creative
music by a wide array of musicians, in existence since - their artist roster is growing and the label is becoming a place to find qualitly experimental-avant garde- radiophonic-electroacoutic composers and compositions, are coming out with a trifecta of new releases.

Mia Zabelka - M - Mind Scratching (MonoType Records)
Mia Zabelka - M - Koperklang Maschine (MonoType Records)

Mecha Fixes Clocks - Teoria dell'elasticità di Girolamo Papariello - Stresses due to galactic bending - (& Records)
Lanterner - lanterner -The Files of Endless correspondence (Oral)
MAussade - a la neantisation de la vie par l'homme rationnel (Oral)

Adam of Adam and The Amethysts live in Studio + interview

Adam and the Amethysts - Flickering Flashlight - Dreaming (Kelp)
Eugene Chadbourne + the Dropouts - Bird Song (Monotype)

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