New Sweats July 11, 2011.

Not sound but image....Very much into this site: 50 Watts

The heat is on, the heat is o-on, it's on the street....
No children to host the first hour - so this one was all on me

Artist - Album - Track - [Label]
Live Footage - Plays Jay Dee - Stakes Is High - [Orisue]

William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs - Bury Your Burdens In The Ground - [Epitaph]
Glenn Jones - BBQ Bob in Fishtown - Redwood Ramble Misremembered - [Strange Attractions Audio House]
Frederick Squire - Sings Shenandoah And Other Popular Hits - The Human Race Can Be A Very Nasty Animal - [Blue Fog Recordings]
Bananas Symphony - Two Sided - Two Sided - [Alchemy]
Nick Kuepfer - Rural Route No. 7 - A Leg - [Standard Form]
Noveller - Glacial Glow - Wax Wing - [Weird Forest Records]
Pallers - The Sea of Memories - Tropical Fish Bowl [Labrador]
Arp - The Softwave - Pastoral Symphony [SONY/ATV]

I And I - The Alpha Future - Headcleaner - [Alchemist Records]
Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact - Thru and Thru - [4AD]

Johan Johansson - The Miner's Hymns - They Being Dead yet Speaketh - [Fat Cat USA]
Thisquietarmy - Vessels - The Black Sea - [Aurora Borealis]
Mountains - Airmuseum - Blue Lanterns on East Oxford - [Thrill Jockey]
Vinyl Dog Toy - The Secret to Health, Wealth, Happiness - Zombie Nightmare [Klankboom Music]

Holzkopf - Sober Materials #5 - Poor Man's Disease - [roy G biv]

Andrea Pensado - Ktotam - Ktotam - [Zero Moon]

So so so so fucking excited about Andrea Pensado putting out a solo disc
- it's about fucking time!
She maybe the best improvisor i've ever seen -
the intensity of her live performances are unparallelled, and you never
really know what she's going to do. the range from discrete electronic
plips and crackles to full blown explosive vocals wailing and modulating
as she swings a giant wooden ratchet
she is kind of my hero.... you should get her record -

CM - Cry of the 12th Aethyr - LOE - [Baked Tapes]

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