New Shiver May 16, 2011

The image of the small grouping of sea forts that were originally linked together by steel walkways build in the Thames and Mersey Estuaries in the 2nd WW keep on coming up in different contexts - my favourite has nothing to do with them being used as anti-aircraft outposts, but with pirate radio.....
they all have super rad names like shivering sands, red sands, nore. I would like to make some radio out there one day - i'll look into it

Duke Ellington - Watch the Closing Doors Vol.1 - Take the A-Train (Year Zero)
Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact - Glass Jar (4AD)
Tonstartssbandht - Now i am Become - Somerette (Arbutus)
Sans-xtro - Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain -Hello Night Crow (Digitalis)
Esmerine - La Leucheza - A Dog River (Constellation)
Esmerine - La Lechuza - Walking Through Mist (Constellation)
Essaie Pas - Essaie Pas - Hey Hey (Self Released)
Cave Bears - Get Out of the House - Track 2 (self Released)
Psychedelic Horse Shit - Laced - Tropical Vision (Nonesuch)
Secret Mommy - the Mall - Clothing Racks(Sears) (Ache recs.)
Hot + Cold - - No Dreams Tonight (Self Released)
Dirty Beaches -Night People Cs - White Sand (Self Released)

Only 3 more days till....
kicks off its 27th year on the 19th of may............here's a little preview!

Richard Pinhas - Tranzition - Moumoune Girl (Cuneiform)
Jaap Blonk& Maja Ratkje - Post Human Identities of Strange Abductors- (Kontrans)
Zeena Parkins - No Way Back - Slant Left (Atavistic)
Ken Vandremark- Territory Band 6 - Part 1 (Atavistic)
The Ex - Turn the vinyl yeas:80-90 - Getachew (Touch and Go)

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