On Monday Morning - i received a package of the most beautifully colored vinyl from the wonderful Prophase Record Label out of Audubon PA. When the Music Department gets this kind of promo material, we shed a tear, because, the truth is Some labels, promo companies, artists think that sending promo materials to CKUT and C/C radio in general is pointless - they would prefer to have bloggers write about their music, rather than have it played on the Radio. "Radio is Dead, Man. " is the a common conversational thread that has been weaving in and out of my conversations with industry/ and artists themselves. I beg to Differ - CKUT's FM signal reaches the faction of Montreal's community that is listening for something else, something, live, organic, something spontaneous. The fact that you can go to the dollar store and buy a radio = it's an accessible medium that, in this city draws in artists, community leaders and activists who curate programming that makes me proud every hour. Radio is dead - right, sure, then what the fuck am i doing?
Thank-You Prophase for supporting us, for believing in radio and it's power of transmission.

Zachary Fairbrother - Budda Box 1.0 (Performed by Tim Croft on Piano) - (Divorce)
Lukas Ligeti - Afrikan Machinery - Circle's Great Tune (Tzadik)
Eric Glick Rieman - Trilogy from the outside: Turnbuckle - In You, I See Your Past Identities (Water Goes In to the Air)
Tommy Babin's Benzene - Your Body is Your Prison - Citizewn Kang (Drip Audio)
Live in Studio Performance:

Upcoming Grimes Performances:
Thursday March 19th w/ the youjsh, captains @ Gerts
Wednesday March 24th w/ pop winds @ Green Room
Friday March 26thw/ mercury mouth, chocolat@Casa Del Popolo
Tuesday June 8th w/ Grouper @ Casa del Popolo (Suoni Per Il Popolo)
Listen to the performance/interview on new shit here


According to the fine folk at Exploratorium Magazine
" The period of naked eye visibility" of the comet Kohoutek spanned the end of Nov. 1973 until late Jan. 1974. Initially touted as the "Comet of the Century", it put on what was considered a disappointing display."Aww, crap, that comet was a real disappointment - maybe we should have it enhanced, maybe if space explorers trow more rubbish into spaces' vacuum, the comet will be better next time around....o.k. The publics' expectations around the spectacle have always been fucked, so it seems.
Sun Ra - Concert For the Comet Kohoutek - introduction
Kohoutek - LossLess Loss - Side B (Prophase)
Kawabata Makoto & Michishita Shinsuke - maru mankaku shikaku (Prophase)

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