New Shit Playlist March 30, 2010

Philly Moves - Basics to back it - Sad song

Interview with John and Tynan -
(h)Ott-awa producer/lyricist duo.
Who are currently touring across Canada, Having hit up the East Cost - they are heading West, conquering the nation with their soul infused beats.

Philly Moves - Basics to Back it - My Home

Doom (Da Superfriendz) - Un expected Guests
Slug & Murs (mixed by aesop rock) - Felt 3 - Permanent Standby (Rhymesayers)
Wu Tang - Return of the Wu and Friends - It's what it is(Gold Dust)
Jonas Reinhardt - Powers of Audition - Orbiter dicta (Kranky)
Bernardino Femminielli - LA Montana del Capricornio - Las Montana del Capricornio II (Hobo Cult)
AFrames/Climax Golden Twins - AFCGT - Nacht (subpop)
Orel Hershiser - cassette - side A (fairchild tapes)
Drainolith - Organ Zone - Freedom Men - (She Sells Records)
Dead Wife - 7" - do what Sets Your Heart Free (Psychic handshake / No Vacation)
Dead Wife - 7"- Text me (Psychic handshake / No Vacation)
Double Dagger - Masks - Imitation is the most Boring From of Flattery (Thrill Jockey)
Mi Ami - Steal Your Face - Harmonics (Thrill Jockey)
High Places -vs- Mankind - S/T - The Longest Shadow (Thrill Jockey)
Montag - Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune - Bronski beat - never gonna cry again (Self Released)

Sweeet Mother!
Important Records sent the CKUT music Department the Gift that keeps on Giving in the form of 2 precious Clear Vinyl Records inside a Gate Fold Jacket that is Dark and astronomically attractive, i would like to enter in to it and never return - el paraiso entre los globulos ilusorios. I have been tasting the fruit of this rare piece of sound emitting plastic one composition at a time, savoring my first listens with each radio show i do, as this is just one of them... being the music departement coordinator at CKUT means, sometimes doing a lotta lotta radio.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Dark side of the Black Moon - Dark side of The Black Moon (important Records)

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