New Shit Playlist March 01 2010

Jorge Ben - Ben - Taj Mahal
Bernardino Femiminielli - La Montana del Capricornio - LA Montana Del Capricornio II (Hobo Cult)

Interview with David LA France and Francis Rossignol

Both of these sonifiers are incredibly active in Montreal's 
clang bang scene of upholders of silence and noise and the 
spectrum that fits inside and outside of those poles of sonic
Together they perform de la musique bruitiste under 
the name of: Le Rossignol et La France
They are launching their nouveau disque called: 
Une Goutte Une Claque
on Wednesday the 03 of March, 2010
 at the Casa del Popolo along side l'ami JAcob.

On Thursday March 04 2010 - they will be performing at la
where they have been the artists in residence for the TRANSAT[Contamine]
collaborative project with Belgian Artists. 

Le Rossignol et LaFrance - Une Goutte Une Claque - Les Oiseau Sur Le Toit
Le Rossignol et LaFrance - Une Goutte Une Claque - Pancho
t-t-t-Turntable set  by David Lafrance
Le Rossignol et LaFrance - Une Goutte Une Claque Play

Kalmunity Vibes Collective - Live on CKUT from the Sala Rossa -
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Live on Ckut from the Sala Rossa - Burundi

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