NEW SHIT PLAYLIST February 1, 2010

Jack Rose - Luck in the valley - St-Louis Blues (Thrill Jockey)
James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game - Cross (Young God)
Interview with Intensive Care
Blessure Grave - Judged by Twelve Carried by 6 - Stop Breathing (Alien8)
Aidan Baker - Liminoid/Lifeforms - Liminoid 4 (Alien8)
Depatterning - The Forestry Lessons EP - For a More Complete Story (Self Released)
AFrames/Climax Golden Twins - AFCGT - Nacht (Subpop)
Trayer - One over Zero - LAdyfingers (porter Records)
Zebrawood - s/t - 1 Ohm Consciousness (self released)
Final Fantasy - Heartland - Red Sun no.5 (Domino)
Corey Fuller - Seas Between - Of a Winter Dawn (Dragon Eye)
Wyndel Hunt - Sunshine Noir - Sunshine Noir (Dragon Eye)
James Drouin - A Three Month Warm up - A three Month Warm up (Dragon Eye)
Montag - Des Cassettes et un Walkman JAune- Small Town Boy (Self Release)

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