NEW Shit Play List: January 18th 2010

Featuring performances from the Artists Against Apartheid
Concert Series in Montreal that brings together
groundbreaking artists and musicians for performances in
solidarity with Palestinian human rights. CKUT radio
present is a special 2 hourradio broadcast featuring live
performances recorded at the Artists Against Apartheid,
recordings being broadcast for the first time live on CKUT
community radio. This Edition of New Shit is hosted by
journalist and community organizer Stefan Christoff

Photo of Colin Stetson by Valerian Mazataud

Over eleven concerts in Montreal Artists Against Apartheid
has created a showcase for incredible local artists
performed for hundreds at various concerts halls across the
city, many of these concerts were recorded by radio CKUT.

This special broadcastfeatures performances from
groundbreaking artists from different front-lines within
Montreal’s internationally celebrated music scene below is
the play list for the special broadcast on CKUT.
Lubo Alexandrov (guitar/vocals) and Emil Iliev (accordion)
November 2007, La Sala Rossa.
Rebbecca Foon (cell), Bruce Cawdron (percussion),
Sarah Pagé(harp), Andrew Barr (drums)
June 2009, La Sala Rossa.

* Esmerine with Lhasa de Sela:
a special performance with Esmerine along side
singer Lhasa de Sela at
June 2009, La Sala Rossa.
"The Upwards March" from first studio album,
members of Bell Orchestre performed at
June 2009, La Sala Rossa.

* Colin Stetson
June 2009, La Sala Rossa.

* Antoine Bustros Trio
Featuring Antoine Bustros on piano & keyboard,
Benoît Piché on trumpet, and Greg Smith on sampler.
December 2008,

* Seven Arrows ensemble
Featuring Joe Grass on pedal steel, Rebecca Foon on cello,
Andrew Barr on drums and percussion, Sarah Pagé on harp
and Yuki Isami on flute and shinoboe.
Artists Against Apartheid XI,
November 2009

* LAL "Brown Eyed Warrior" from studio EP
LALwill perform at the next edition of
at La Sala Rossa on Thursday, March 18th 2010.


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