New Shit September 13

This Quiet Army - Black Haunter - Vampyr
Nadja - Touched - Incubation/Metamorphosis 
Aun - Mule - Mules
The Ex - Mud Shivers - New Sense
Dion McGreggor - The Dreams of Dion McGreggor - The Operation
Secret Broadcast - Exploding Spiders - 
Interview with Matt of Secret Broadcast
John Farah - Unfolding - Longing
Dennis Gonzalez - A Matter of Blood - A Matter of Blood
John Blum w/ Sunny Murray& William PArker - In the Shade Of Sun - Misanthrope's Dream
On - Your NAked Ghost Comes Back At Night - Too Many Demons Haunt This Town
William Fowler Collins - Perdition Hill radio - Dark Country Road 

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